Tuesday, June 06, 2017


traffic signals

Lots of shifting energy today, as Mercury moves into its own sign- Gemini, and Venus has moved into HER own sign of Taurus!  The energy movement will continue all month- as Jupiter stations DIRECT on June 9th...(justice will prevail)... and on that same day we have a full moon in Sag, which gives a double dose of -law, justice, international relations. THE DETAILS do matter. Interestingly Comey will testify on the 8th... about the Russian 'situation' ...and what will that mean for you and me?

Lots more debate with everyone about who said what and what it meant when they said it. Sag is about international and Gemini is about words. The big issue -umbrella is- does international affairs effect the common man?  Yes, I believe they do. And not only is the Russia issue on hand, but how we get along with our fellow neighbors on planet earth. There is no other 'home planet'.  Being useful this full moon can have you exploring new ways of viewing the situation. You might not change your over all feeling..... but then you might. Because shortly after this full moon NEPTUNE turns retrograde.  Neptune goes undercover- and that's perfect for this planet.  Things that are 'unsaid' are just as important as what isn't. America and the entire world is becoming very distrustful of well, everyone!

Let's break this down:

Jupiter direct- helps bring out the need for checks and balances. Not only in the USA government, but in your own life. What has been left not said- but doesn't seem fair to you? Can you express your discomfort in a calm, intellectual manner to find a compromise? I think so. As Jupiter in Libra is all about FAIRNESS. And being a good judge. Its the see-saw image- is one person (or country) taking on all the effort?  Are you always the one who scrubs the toilet?  Jupiter in Libra helps us to work out our difference- and come clean.  Yet, that Jupiter in Libra is in a complicated relationship to Neptune right now.  An inconjunct its called. Its 150 degrees... means it takes some work to figure it all out... figure what out you ask-  what's going on- that's been UNSEEN until now.  Its about uncovering the truth. That takes work and calmness to do correctly.  But just as Jupiter goes direct, Neptune goes retrograde- undercover!  So the seesaw is not really in balance, just yet...coz there is some tricky stuff going on here.....and you have to watch carefully to get to the facts.  Sleigh of hand will be common....magic trick..... the cards are played, but hey, where did that other card go?  You know you saw it...but now, its gone.  Just like the deal you made with your self to stick to your diet.

Lying to the self is the real issue here.  We condition ourselves to believe what we want to hear.  This month- we will all grow more if we face SQUARELY what is presented.  Be it in our government or in our own church or home. Taken further it can also be about the hidden costs of education. Once the facts are undeniable... you might just lose some faith; in all that you thought to be true.  AKA- disappointment in humans. But not all is doom and sadness...(even though it certainly feels like it at times).... this complicated relationship between Jupiter and Neptune will allow for some down right unusual creations.... its like the odd beats of bellying dancing music... its more interesting but not easy to master. Its not comfortable, but certainly worth exploring. You can apply this to relationships the next 5 weeks. Go outside your comfort zone to find some mystical experience. The mystery in love and getting along is holding space for being right and wrong at the same time.

Mercury is moving into the very comfy chatty chatty sign of Gemini for the next two weeks. Make most of this! Clear the cobwebs and reorganize the rooms in your life.  Venus will also be hanging with her fav bud Taurus all of June and these two planets in their own ruling signs makes ideas to creation MUCH easier! The ideas will flow and the 'seeing' of the design will not be blocked. Words of love also combine with security and intellectual banner... back and forth fun flirting... we all need a bit more of that in these times of challenge.

Mars is in Cancer now....and that's not the best fit- but it has its place....like in the kitchen cooking up your comfort foods! Mars will be giving your emotions an extra punch of  "feelings rule" and so.... when the moon changes signs every couple days, your mood might too. Better to sit with things for a while before making FIRM LASTING commitments this month. Do what brings you a sense of community and belonging. Rearrange the furniture instead of  painting the house fuchsia.

The Solstice this year falls- June 20th @ 9:24 pm PDT..... SUMMER IS HERE!  The new moon at 3 Cancer falls three days later....excellent for planning your community get 2 gether!  Overall focus on what ideas you have that bring more love into your life and less arguing. BUT...stand up for yourself when needed. It is not about pushing conflict down, its about learning a way to find the compromise. Deepen your faith instead of a need to escape the difficult issues in your life.

And remember... the signal light always CHANGES.  IF its green, its going to be red at one point and of course yellow is always for the risk takers in the world. You have options!

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