Wednesday, April 05, 2017


shadow gazing

Saturn stations retrograde at 10:06 pm PDT tonight.

He'll be doing the back stroke for several months.

Time to 'shadow gaze'.

What does that mean?

Look at what gives you a sense of being, knowing that you exist no matter what. BUT what exist? What is hidden from your sight? The light has to be way way bright for you to actually see your shadow...your 'out line' that falls on the earth.  What 'outlines' do you create in the day to day that aren't always seen? What boundaries do you never let yourself go outside of, because you are unsure.... Are they helpful to you? Do these 'rules' guide you to keep a firm foundation in reality? Or do they hold you back because you fear the unknown or someone told you LONG ago- "don't go there"...."you can't go there, you aren't......(fill in the blank) ........enough".

Saturn is always about structure. Also it represents 'authority'..... the first 'authority' that we come under is usually our parents. Some people NEVER let go of trying to gain the parental approval....they can be 50, 60 even 90 and still be searching for that secure feeling that Mom and Pop have granted the seal of 'love via accomplishment.  Or in someway desperate for 'other's' stamp of "you're OK"...."you're accepted".... "you have arrived"....

  This takes some deep looking  INSIDE  your beliefs to uncover patterns that MAY be holding you back.  Even the desire to have NO BOUNDARIES can be a way of  seeking approval..."I will show them! I will break all the rules, and do it my way, and then they will see- I am right and worthy!".   Since Saturn rules structure- sometimes we rebel against it, to have our own defined rules and guidelines. That is a good thing- unless its just a hidden way of setting our self up for failure because of the hidden shadow - seeking the A+ -from others...and not from the SELF first.  Seeking to fail unconsciously, to prove them right, that hey, really I am not able to be Saturn (mature) after all.

When we KNOW THYSELF....deeply, we realize the only person we need to have the nod from, is the higher self. The rest of society may never 'get, or support you'.... but if you know you are following the path that YOU wish for all the rest melts away. Self determination leads in a very healthy way.

So- spend the next four months making choices that work for you- and your goals. To do that you have to sit down and have an honest conversation with yourself what those goals are. What you wish to achieve and what has held you back. IF that applies.

Its also- the time to review- teeth (care) bones (strengthen) posture....are you bending correctly at the knees when you pick up heavy items...... Saturn rules all these areas. What are you 'backbones' in life? (church, family, etc) you need to review your participation in these organizations, is it time to LEAD in some of them?

WHAT role do you wish for GOVERNMENT to play in your life? Are you HAPPY with your governments actions? IF not, well then- time to look at the Shadow!  Why don't you speak up for your rights?

You see where I am going. This is good use of Saturn in retrograde mode. Make the most of it.

We also have this month VENUS stationing DIRECT on April 15th!  She'll be at 27 Pisces in a tight square to Saturn retrograde....are you getting all the loving you want? IF not, time to move forward in love giving and figure out how to 'set that up'.... its not magical with this combo- it takes effort.

Creative enterprises will also demand more of you........with what seems little reward...but that will pass as Venus moves into Aries (again) and the instant attraction comes around on the merry go.... (April 28th). Venus will then stay in Aries until the first week of we have a chance to take these (projects, relationships, etc) to the next step.

Mercury also goes retrograde this month- for 3 weeks.. on April 9th- May 3rd.... at the degree of 5 Taurus..... where's the money disappearing to? How can I hide it? And should I dig out that idea for making money that I had oh, so long ago? (yes). Taurus is earth energy- so work with the earth!  Dig not into JUST  how to make money, but how to have your resources grow....take classes, get out and meet new contacts, research new avenues for not just money's sake but pleasure.....sign up for a wood carving class.........redo the cabinets in the kitchen or spend some time planning the over due remodel job on the house. Paint a new color to your life and YOUR abode.

Pluto  ALSO will be doing a backward move on April 20th.  Government will be going undercover.
Power is within.

On the 21st Mars enters the sign of the twins- Gemini. Gift of the gab will be everyone's great trait. During this period Mercury and Mars will be in whats called- Mutual Reception...what that means is the power of the WORD, and contracts become a major force to be reckoned with. WHO SAID WHAT and WHEN will matter...and the mighty pen is a sword until May 15th. The press is going to go crazy. Get out in nature and out of your head if you can. Things will speed up to a lightening level. If you are writing- this will be a very prolific period for you.

All of April is about making peace with the shadow, befriending it, and what fun shadow dancing can be by a campfire! Positive and Negative are needed for a wholistic view. Sometimes we have to dive into the darkness to see the light.

Photo image- death valley shadows c.2017 p mcphinney

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