Saturday, August 13, 2016


Peace in the mist of Change?

 The eclipses are upon us. And this means one thing:

Bowie told us... CHANGES

I've pondered for a long while how to describe what Eclipses can bring. What path that they highlight like one of those big pieces of metal that shoots light in the sky to let you know 'something' is going on, in town.

Or just the inner knowing that 'things' are about to change, because that is the nature of life.  THAT is what is suppose to happen. But....we block it, fear it, resist it, and sometimes crave for our set structures to change.

We are in the 'window' of THREE eclipses........and if you let them guide you combined with your own desire to grow and move forward towards your destiny (not always fun, but sometimes is) then you can co-create with the universe and let the winds of change be your friend.

Not every single eclipse period will alter each person in a 'profound and deep way'.......but like new and full moons they do represent beginnings and endings and all sorts of ideas that you may sit with for a while.

Eclipses also effect the world stage in often DRAMATIC ways.......via  mother earth screaming, heads of state being not so anymore- SUDDENLY........and people making big decisions (moving across country or to another one, changing direction of profession, divorce, marriage, making babies, crisis in health, and going for what you've always wanted but never quite had the courage to do, and making a long long journey- by dropping the body- aka death)......... but what they aren't- is SUBTLE.

They do have a way of getting your attention.

Its an internal thing or an external event that pushes you to look within.

I always say- "the caldron will be stirred'............

Depending on where you are at in your life, and where they fall in your chart, and how you personally respond to change,  all factor into how you will deal with the next six weeks.

In this order:

Lunar Eclipse- 18th of Aug, 26 Aquarius.

Solar Eclipse  1st Sept 10 Virgo

Lunar Eclipse  16th of Sept  25 Pisces  (I will discuss this one next month).

Lets break down the energy......... Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius is about HUMANITY, Electronics, Popularity, Friendships, and how we 'cope' within all of our 'networks'....... its rules groups. What power they have.

Interesting to me- its very very very much tied to USA's public, and the Female ideal of the USA.  Why? This LE sits right on America's moon. I wrote about this last month. And now, we have just nominated for the first time EVER, in 240 years a female for president of the United States. Well, nominated by one of the major parties. The GREEN Party has nominated Dr. Jill Stein several times. This current election is the first time a woman has been nominated and actually will be debating, and have more than a thin chance to win.

 But that's not all that this energy is about. Its also about:

 Wind and the havoc it can cause will likely be in the news. Especially in the fire season. (Aquarius is an air sign).

 ENERGY (electric) is also tied to this eclipse. Black outs might be common. Its also about extreme progressive awareness- so there is the chance for some break through in the medical fields. Maybe a new vaccine that aids the masses. Brilliance is always linked to the Aquarius mind. Abstract art, thinking, and how technology can be our friend, with limits.

Those born with planets near this degree- in Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus are most prone to a sudden shift in the life.  OR if you have this degree in the fixed signs (the ones just mentioned) on a house cusp of 1st/4th/7th/10th.  If you don't know if you do- this is where an astrology reading by a professional is useful.

But in truth the 'shift' is not always unexpected. If you've not taken care of yourself, and you suddenly find yourself in the Emergency Room with an issue or a broken arm, well....... gotta bring it back home and look at the way you are conducting your life. IF the mate suddenly comes home and says: "I want a divorce" and you know you've not been on a date in the last 7 years of your marriage, you shouldn't be surprised. We often go into denial, hoping 'things will improve' without actually doing the improving of ourselves. People are keenly aware of the issues at hand, the eclipses just point them out- BLINDLY to you- pun intended. Or so close and up front that they seem warped out of perspective. And actually, in all fairness, events can be way drama filled when it doesn't always fit the bill.

YET, eclipse also bring- the big opening you've worked SO HARD FOR. The contract to beat all contracts, the love of your life, the CURE, the JOY of letting some horrid habit go.

AND they also---- actually don't 'do' anything..... people's karma (actions) are at work here! The planets just point us to WHERE are attention is needed........then we go to work! (or not).

Sometimes an eclipse can kick into action an event six months BEFORE the actual eclipse has occurred.

Example-  Tim Kaine. The running VP for the Democratic Party- His birthday in Feb 2017....well, there will be a Solar Eclipse ON his birthday in 2017!  I think running for the 2nd top position in the USA fits for a life changing event.

Eclipses are DOOR OPENERS....we must CHOSE to open the door and walk through.

How to feel peaceful when all is so uncertain? How to know that walking through that life changing event is correct?  This really is where the work of growing as a human is involved. Emotional, Physically, and Mentally we are not meant to stay stagnet.

The great thing about change is - everyone is always going through it- one level of it- coming off it-merging into it, or smack dab in the middle of it. So when you are frightened of change- seek out friends who also are in a cycle of it. Like I stated earlier not EVERY ECLIPSE effects EACH person DEEPLY.  Some eclipse pass by with a 'slight' opening for us to make- aka- get out and meet new people coz you are 90 and lots of your friends have crossed over.  Or you are a mother and the young ones have left the nest- you need to 'fill the void'.........

Also with this Aquarius Lunar Eclipse- sometimes we just find our 'goals' in life have changed, and we might be a little lost. Once being 'famous' might of been a dream, now maybe we just want to love the work we do, and have a steady pay check! Or be in a group of fantastic musicians, famous or not. Aquarius is about 'the group' as its tied to the 11th house. So who is YOUR TRIBE, and what do you want to contribute towards that tribe?

The next Eclipse that happens after the one of the 18th is a Solar Eclipse on Sept 1st.

In an earth Sign- Virgo. Its like a new moon with sunglasses on.  If your birthday is around the eclipse period, you are due for a big dose of  THE NEW.  Do not keep doing the same thing if its not working, getting you toward your goals, or bringing you joy. TRY NEW! STRETCH YOURSELF......go outside your comfort zone. GET REAL with the self. Reality check! Because this eclipse is tied in with Saturn (via a square aspect).......ask yourself if you stop success- by how you limit options or tell yourself you 'can't' do something.

The signs that are touched by this eclipse the most are: Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini.......if your personal planets are near the 10 degree.......or like I mentioned above, an angle is.

WORK IT OUT.  Virgo is the working sign. Its also about perfection, health, details, how you worry, your thinking process, planning out in DETAIL and GROWING THINGS....

Great use of this energy- (for us all)  make a PLAN!  Get disciplined. Plant seeds, harvest seeds, share seeds. Ideas are seeds too!

Look at your eating habits. Make constructive changes in how you deal with critical thinking and how you receive criticism.. Are you always looking for what's wrong?

Virgo deals with crops, the harvest, and is also tied to mentor-ship.

This Earth sign eclipse is also linked to Pluto.  USEFUL POWER.  Helping Power.  And how we empower ourselves.

Virgo is very practical. So you can use this energy by cleaning out closets, building one, and helping those who have no sense of power, by being the best role model you can.

Another way we can 'bring peace' to the via the table.  Pot lucks!!!!! Grassroots Glory! Community gardens, etc.  This is the domain of Virgo.......its how to make things 'happen' step by step and not looking too much in the future- looking at today.  What do I have TODAY that is useful to share?

Peace isn't something that happens when our world is 'perfect'.......its something that we 'sit with' in a sunset, a flower, a conversation with a friend, a good meal, a problem solved.

Yes, the world has gone crazy, but we don't have to go along with the crazy vibration.

The eclipses point out some options you might not of thought about.

Its your job to have courage to make the changes YOU need to - to find your center.

Be gone fear, and welcome 'change as a GOOD thing.'

Peace has never been outside of you or me. Its an inside job. And change? that's happening moment by moment- with each inhale and exhale. Your cells are changing, your body is changing all the time. And in a flash the last change is replaced by the next new change. 

The wave doesn't lament that its merged into the ocean, from the shore. Its just an different view from the same oneness.

It is the same with you and change.

 Catch the wave.

 Fly on the air.

 Be still with the Earth.

 Burn away your fears.

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