Thursday, April 28, 2016


look back in joy (enjoy).

Its time to look at the past in order to advance into the NOW. Actually, the past and present can become (and are) one anytime we make that our focus. THE NOW, is each breath. THE NOW, is all you have. THE NOW- IS NOW. Yet, its all cumulative. You don't get to the next lesson without completely incorporating the material that you just digested. You have to fully own it. Then it dissolves into your DNA. Think of it as not allowing the meal you just ate to reach points of reinforcement before adding even more food into the system. It would clog everything and what was meant to 'feed' you would begin to poison you from overload. Information acts in the same way. Our heads are always full of 'stuff'- but how much of it is really understood, at the core? How can you 'let go' before you've held something long enough to find the insight in it?  The hidden clue to deepening your soul self.

As you read - keep reminding yourself that NOW is all that matters. Be that present in each breath. YES, astrology is a great tool for understanding the past, and planning the future. But, with five planets doing the back flip shuffle........ you'll learn a great deal about your motives/needs/desires if you understand what came before this moment of now. So, don't HANG in the past forever, but do look in the rear view mirror to asses what strengths you've developed because of the PAST. Also look to what strengths you have that keep you from taking risks. Because risk is what keeps the game of life exciting. RISK is where you push yourself to a place of non-knowing in order to be more than you are right now- in this now.

Prince just left the body. He was the forever risk taker! Man, am I glad he took the risks he did! He was a mirror for all of us- to go past the place of 'conforming comfort'~~ push yourself. Bowie too! All these magical HARD WORKING creative souls leaving us. But also- leaving with us- a reminder that to take RISKS can be the greatest thing! Sure we need some people to keep to the 'road'....... not venture off the path..... hold the ship down with the anchor. (SATURN).... YET... who do we celebrate world wide?  THE RISK TAKERS!!!!!!!  Because they are BRAVE. And a little part of YOU wants to be BRAVE TOO.

So- here we are with Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all in reverse motion. Makes your head turn like a scene from some horror movie! Let's break this down.

Pluto: its all about power. YOUR biggest 'power' is to 'know thy self'. Its to plug into what resources you have. Pluto is tied to underground- the depths. Pluto ruled people- are only interested in the bottom of the ocean, surface fluff is just junk to them. Give me the 'goods'- bottom line- real deal or give me death says Pluto.  You have to kill your fears to know your strengths. How do you 'kill fears'?  Simple- face them. Look them right in the eye. Example: Ramana Maharishi (realized saint from India) had a crippling fear of death- that he faced as a teenager. The result of facing his own death- lead him to become more alive and to have zero fears. AKA- FREEDOM. List your fears. Face your fears. You will find they are just a movie playing in your head of 'what if?'..... We are all going to leave the body one day. No one gets here without that in the contract. So make peace with it. Discover what 'death' is to you. Believe me- there are many people who are already dead, and they won't be leaving the body for decades.

Saturn: Its all about structure, the rules, and responsibilities. Saturn in its negative manifestation is fearful and bossy. In its strength it takes everything step by step and builds the Taj Mahal. Look where you need to STOP and review the blue print of your life. What material (s) give you sustenance. This will be different for everyone. Some people need ten zillion dollars in the bank- others raid the piggy bank for the food for the day and smile while finding more than they thought. Where do you need to give yourself more STRUCTURE? At the same time- can you let open one side of the play pen? Make a list of three great strengths you have developed. Make a list of three that you WISH to develop. For example: I am great at keeping loyal customers, but I need to do more outreach and planning to gather new ones. Building a base and add to it. Have you limited your audience?

Jupiter: The give me more and more planet until I suddenly see that my plate IS full, but I am WASTING food, because I can't possibly eat all of this before it goes bad! Jupiter retrograde can make us 'regret lost promise'.  Nothing is ever lost. It goes into the 'lessons learned' category. To not learn from your RISKS-that don't pan out is to waste them. There is valuable information there. BIG CLUES.Use Jupiter retrograde to do a course correction. Don't just keep driving around lost, wasting gas. STOP. CHECK OUT THE MAP (your deepest calling and development tools) and regroup! If you are still overwhelmed with not knowing the correct direction in you life- meet up with like minded souls for tea and slim cake and encourage a round table of ideas and expand your contact list. Utilize your GOODWILL- clear out the closets! This automatically will draw to you 'fill up the void' blessings. Do a review of your beliefs. Did you forget about 'ask and thou shall receive?' ~ divine inspiration is as much of a gift as anything else! May 9th Jupiter stations DIRECT! That means- blessings start to kick in!

Mars: Back flip mania. How do you use your energy? Do you spend more time in 'regret' and forget about having a rebound success? The action planet in reverse is perfect for revamping your key 'source' of energy. GET TO THE GYM! Ask yourself how you physically 'hold yourself back'. Do you really give 100 percent to your out put? Or, if its not 'easy' do you give up too soon? In our world of instant everything, the word 'practice' has been lost. Practice makes you a master. Nothing else does. Sorry, those are the rules. There is no way that you can short cut experience. EVEN if you are born great at something, to take it to the next layered level is to push yourself (Jupiter) to be even BETTER- and that means to make effort. Check out how you've 'used' your life force so far. Do you play fair with your own energy? For example- if I am a dancer, and I never eat- I won't have the fuel needed to get through the first act, much less to the finale. So, I review what foods give me the most stamina, but also keep my body at a weight I need it to be to have my partner lift me over his head. Practice Practicality.

Mercury: Me oh my...yes, its that time again. Several times a year the mental planet makes everyone touched by his degree of retrograde a big bonkers. This time its at the 23 degree of Taurus. "CHECK IS IN THE MAIL"... For three weeks- what you 'planted' might be delayed and or just not bloom into what you imagined. Perhaps someone isn't paying attention and they put the wrong seeds in the package! Taurus rules money, art, flowers, and beauty. Two or three minds may get in your head unable to 'decide' exactly what it is that you love. OR what you love will ONLY do and nothing else- I don't 'care' if a late frost killed the tulips! I feel for all the Weddings being planned right now. The arrangements of the flowers will change, as will the costs! Keep it simple, and be flexible. Great use of this retrograde period is to review your values. What you think you can't live without, just might not mean a thing to you once mercury goes direct. So, keep your stubborn vibration in check. Best use is to rework all make overs with a slow comb. Mercury stations direct on May 22nd. So its just a few weeks that we have to endure everyone else messing up! Cross your t's , dot your i's and TRIPLE check all paperwork/contracts/ and assumptions!

So lets blend the retrograde cake up into one sentence: LOOK back and enjoy the process of being able to review, rewrite, regroup, relax, and rejuvenate your life's direction!

If you don't like the "YOU ARE HERE" place- NOW is the time to change it.

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