Sunday, February 28, 2016


micro is the macro = oneness

Oneness. Everyone wants it- even if they don't realize that they want it. The urge to be all in the nothingness. Its called: 'the zone' ~ 'bliss' ~'awareness' ~empty but full.

Watch this you tube video for a few minutes to prepare your mind to open to the depth of what Neptune ONENESS is. Because 'words' really can't do it justice. Words never are a substitute for direct experience.

everything is in everything

YOU are everything in the Universe. The Universe is just a 'reflection' of what your thoughts are. This is why when you think of 'buying a red car'....all you see is 'red cars are everywhere!'  YOU can fill in the blank of that statement.  Look for good, you will find good in the world. Look for evil - there it will pop up all around you. This is why the mystics say we create our reality.

Today is OSCAR night in Hollywood. (or "Hollyweird" as we call it here)....  And its a perfect night for it!  As above so below... THE SUN is in Pisces and its completely merged with Neptune in Pisces.  Neptune rules the film world....and also many other areas...but right now I want to speak not about the 'movies' that get a gold statue, I want to speak on the REAL (UNREAL) movie- the one you create called: YOUR LIFE.  I'll explain why I say "unreal" at another time. But its a bit of the dissolving effect theory I have about life in general. Meaning- do you remember the 'movie' of your life say this exact time and day last year? So how 'real' is it= NOW? Its merged into the oneness of your life.

TODAY is- wake up and smell the sweetness time. Or its snap out of it- get a grip- and say your words loud- do not, I repeat- do not fall off the stage!  And if you by chance do, just pick yourself up - and put on that SMILE to win the gods' favor, and keep on walking........putting the past 'falls' - where they belong-evaporated to nothingness.

 When THE SUN and NEPTUNE merge we can take it higher - just like the song.....(Donna Summers was it?) .......... or we can go the other extreme- the pit of pity and dispare. Well, sometimes you do have to repeat a grade, or lesson, that is a fact. But keep it positive- and learn something for Pete's sake! (or your own).

This Sun conjunct Neptune isn't just in 'effect' for one day.....its a wave that will merge into the next, just like the video I posted. If you watch that dissolving long enough it can take you to the place of 'no thoughts'..... which is a mighty fine place to be. Why?  A BLANK CANVAS is a very full place - anything is possible!  Then you are receptive to the divine message of what of anything and everything. Everyone gets a different one. But the thing I do know- whatever language you speak- that's the language of the message. Full of negative energy- you can't attract the blooming scent of a field of flowers................ so what do you wish for your movie to be? Sweet or Sour?

You are the writer. You are the star player. BUT...... you are not 'the doer'..... the oneness energy can work though you.... and then...that's magic movie making - !  Its a bit of a contradiction. You do by not doing. I'm not talking being a couch potato. 

Do, but forget what you do. Let the merit of it go. Make effort - but surrender. NEPTUNE DISSOLVES. So allow the dissolving of ego- so you can experience oneness and have some peace. If you do will learn by direct experience how marvelous non-doing is ! How productive it is!  RIGHT now- this month is a great time -especially this week and the next.

 With Mars in the last degrees of Scorpio - no one will want to sit still- and certainly not when it gets to Sag on the 5th of March! So finish up the extreme plan, so that you can gallop through those flower scented fields~ seeking true freedom. (peace within). Mars will spend only two months in Sagittarius before returning to 'burn baby burn' Scorpio. These last days of Mars in Scorpio (for now) will be INTENSE. PASSIONS will rein deep and with FEELING.  Time periods to be aware of:

Feb 20th-29th

June 5th- June 17th

July 12th- July 25th.

They are all tied together.......first pass an idea might come, second pass you give it a go and hash out the issues, third pass its final-settled.  Think of it as a works in progress that is both innovated and like nothing you've ever done- and also scary as hell, because its outside of your comfort zone. Pay attention to people who you meet during these periods. Some people will exit suddenly. LET THEM GO. IF you can't find a meeting place- that means the work is done. Don't try to make weeds a juice drink- unless you like the bitter in life. Try to think in holistic terms, not just individual ones. If you have planets in the 20-28 degrees of LEO, Aquarius, Scorpio, or special attention to these periods. But we all need to keep our eyes on the road right now and especially during the above dates. They are bring life changing events to you- if you are willing.

THE ECLIPSES are coming.........and that will show us much we really are just players on a stage.... the scenery is going to be changing. AND so....... prepare to shift the views...towards acceptance.  Rain? get an umbrella...........or an OM BRELLA..... (actually there is a site to buy OMBRELLAS)......OM is the sound of all of creation....and we do need to tap into that sound vibration.... its your heart beat. Its the birds singing....the the hum of the tide in and out. It NEVER STOPS. You can always take the test over. But you might also decide to take a different test.

What was going on March 1997?


Put the period at the end of the sentence of that cycle. Start a new story.

Make it, just like your 'movie' one that you'd enjoy reading. If you are aware of the importance of compassion, then make it one that MOST would enjoy reading!

The Solar Eclipse is 19 degrees Pisces and its on March 8th. If this is your birthday- it will be like none other. Graduation. Dress acorrdingly and don't forget your speech notes. Dare to INSPIRE.

Spring is coming on the 19th of March @ 9:31 PM PDT...that is when the sun enters ZERO ARIES... which is a major point in the world of astrology- its the FAME point. Its where we reach the masses. Not everyone has the 'karma' of fame.... but the day of this point is sensitive, and so its wonderful to set some new goals for the 'spring year'.... its an excellent time to make your INTENTION known.....plant the them grow- be BRAVE. FEARLESS.

  On the 20th of March, Venus will hold hands with Neptune~ both in Pisces...romantic to say the least..........remember what I stated at the beginning of this post-?  ONENESS. Venus with Neptune is the love struck poet that bravely shares his/her soul and heart with the beloved...can not help but do so!.....there is no separation.....and in that space of ALL- is the bliss. This blending can be a work of art, a soulmate, love for a pet, for the entire kingdom of life, a sense of being the color in a flower~~the pollen~~the scent~~and awareness of the delicate nature of sheer beauty. Its very intimate and a special paring. Sometimes this love is felt deepest when saying goodbye. Oddly, sometimes the most loving act is to let go. An ending sometimes makes us aware how much and deep we love. It can also be expressed as pure devotion.

It is a merging that comes but once a not let it pass without declaring your love for the self as well as another...and allow your love to pour like a never ending waterfall. This isn't 'passion' this is compassion, where you forget the self.

Spend some time in Nature the weekend of the 18th-20th if at all possible! 

Life is a miracle. Every breath is as well; breath deeply, inhale the sweetness of life, exhale your fears and above all~ remember that the air we breath is given freely and for all.....the gift of ONENESS is there in every breath.

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