Sunday, November 15, 2015


forever peace possible?


The world is praying for Peace. The sane people are just shaking their heads in shock. It goes on and on and on. Is peace even possible?

Yes. But its within that one has control over. Having peace within is really the only real peace. Our outer world and the hate and violence we are witnessing day in and day seems to have never ending fuel. How can we change that? By being as peaceful within as possible in these stressful times. Beyond that, I really do not know. Change what you can - yourself- your attitudes- surround yourself with love, and try as much as possible to be that love. Evil always has been. Its certainly reaching levels unheard of.

Why now?  The celestial sky right now has several planets traveling through revenge Scorpio. The Sun and Mercury- and Mercury was at the New Moon in Scorpio degree when hell visited Paris. It is actually an accursed degree the 19 degree of Scorpio according to the ancients.  This is very lower energy level, but it doesn't HAVE to be. There is always a choice. Every sign has higher and lower expressions. Its about GROWING towards the higher levels. Scorpio is also about HEALING and TRANSFORMATION- flying high above the human nature of hate, violence, destruction. So if you have planets at this degree, fret not- make a choice to activate higher energies. Just because one is born with a hot temper doesn't make it an excuse to never get a grip on it.

But where the real trouble can be identified is with distorted ideology.  Saturn and Neptune are coming to a square relationship. Saturn is about the rules, structures, and the OLD SCHOOL way. Its traveling through Sagittarius right now. (and will be there for several years). Sag energy is about religion.  The groups that are causing so much violence in the world have a game plan to go back to the dark ages of their interpretation of the Koran. Neptune which can be confused and deluded thinking/action is in Pisces. These two planets (Saturn/Neptune) are squaring off. A serious look at how to starve the backwards hate mongers will be looked at. Cracking the unity of hate. Making it powerless. Cutting off their funds, and means to propaganda promotion   to recruit others. Jupiter is in Virgo and creates a T-SQ with Saturn and Neptune- so practical means to stop the flow of delusional haters.

Until then? Practice peace within. PRACTICAL means to combat hate are: LOVE BOMB! Help people, be kind, try to not focus on all this violence, instead donate blood, blankets, food, etc. Lift up the downtrodden in your community. Small things add to big things!  Bring Peace with you everywhere from inside. We can't live in fear- that's not living. Shine your LIGHT. Make it so BRIGHT that there is no place for darkness to hide.

The world will have its ugly side always. This is the nature of duality. Bottom line- there are more LOVING people on the planet than hateful ones. People/Organizations like:

Manoj Bhargava



Sri Sathya Sai Baba 

Doctors without Borders

International Medical Corps

The list could go on and on. There are AMAZING people on this planet dedicated to lessening the suffering of others! Focus on that!! Add your name to the list.

Listen to people who inspire on Teds Talks:

Ted Talks

This is how we keep our own positive vibration going. You'll also have help from the stars. Venus and Mars both are in Libra right now. As they travel through the 'peace and justice' sign, we all have a opportunity to try to get along. Make love and generate the vibe to work together- in marriages, and partnerships of all kind. We really do NEED EACH OTHER. Mars will be in Libra until early Jan 2016. Venus will remain in Libra until early Dec. As they travel side by side, remember to embrace GRACE and gratitude. We are after all coming close to the American holiday of Thanksgiving. Why not celebrate TG everyday?

It is so easy to become jaded if we do not saturate ourselves with kindness. Because the longest and deepest relationship you will ever have is with your very self. So cultivate the compassion not only towards  others, but also with yourself! No one is 'perfect' and how boring would that be anyhow?  We are perfect in our imperfectness, and yet- it IS about being the best YOU - that you can be. Without sounding sappy, I'd like to also add that our imperfections are what usually endears us to others.

As Jupiter transits through Virgo- we can take a vow to expand our acceptance of others and their short comings. Really there is only the now- this very breath that we have- in and out. Here it is almost the end of 2015, AND just think how fast this has come. Well, our time on earth goes by just as fast- so celebrate LOVE and LIFE and perfect imperfections in this world- all the while TRY to smile more, complain less, and give of your heart. Then peace will be there - here- with you to share with all.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo Credit: parker mcphinney c. 2003

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