Monday, September 14, 2015


flesh vs iron

Progress is determined by what?  Ease of doing things? Are the old ways really so out dated? (phone calls-with a voice, vs a bunch of letters in short hand).  Is the human factor being left behind for saving the 'company' and making the most of profits, and or just not having anyone question your decisions. Robots don't talk back, but they do break down. They are expensive to repair and cold steel has no chance in competition with a voice and body that has the possibility to care about a sale or interaction.

I've noticed as of late that amazing amount of sterile energy (or lack of human touch) in not just my neighborhood Fed Ex "copy/supply" store- but in everyday interactions as well. Fed Ex made the choice to cut the staff and replace them with machines.So, I won't go back. The computer machines just aren't the same as a human smile. If they can't 'afford' to keep people employed because of the minimum wage going up to an ALMOST HUMAN WAGE-(where a one bedroom rents for what is a month's salary for most) then that company needs to fold up tent. People are what makes a company, keep it going, and really is what life is all about- learning to get along and deepening the heart. Otherwise, in deep thought - WHY ARE WE HERE ON EARTH? To interact with a robot? Not me. I suggest viewing the movie; "Ex Machina"....... You will get where I am coming from.

The world has gone so technical they've lost the human touch. This week we will find out how very important it is to have PEOPLE around when things break down. Mercury is going into retrograde mode~ and this time around its at the 15 degree of Libra in a tight square with Pluto.  Power to the PEOPLE.  SEE ME- FEEL ME- TOUCH ME- (Tommy is singing).....iron man isn't invited to this party! So for the next three weeks we will find out just how important the 'negotiations' are. And what is your bottom line.

The Solar Eclipse that just happened in Virgo at 21 degrees is all about workers rights, the day to day community that makes your world flow a bit smoother.  (farmers, health workers, baby sitters, small pets, accountants). Human Values will be high on the agenda in the next year. The common man is getting really tired of the phony baloney and greed that is a result of forgetting the HUMAN FACTOR. This particular eclipse is in an inconjunct to Uranus...(major adjustment) 'up-risings' will happen- and in places and people you never thought of. The slow but steady build up of anger is going to start to scream out- and shut down the 'systems' that refuse to LISTEN. Expect to suddenly NOT have things the way 'they were'. (train on time, submissive employees, etc).

This week of Sept 14th- is so power packed with changes that you'll need a safe place to just CHILL and watch an old black and white movie. I suggest "Singing in the Rain".........which we need lots of on the West Coast. The water wars are going to continue, and also WAR ON THE WATERS.  Jupiter will make its opposition to Neptune-on Sept 16th.  Both are deep in big thinking dreams. Both are tied to how to make the 'world' a better place. YOU NEED A PLAN. Dreaming alone, does nothing but keep your mind occupied in 'what ifs'....... of the fantasy kind.  IN order to make the dreams a reality you have to use also- practical knowledge and some muscle grease.  And everyone knows without water your garden isn't going to grow- so yes, you do need to do a little rain dance for the magic of divine to pour down the wet stuff. Rattle your stick and hold hands with your tribe, (power in numbers is the new rule)  get the new agreement in WRITING and leave no room for deception- READ the fine print. THIS week ESPECIALLY. Drilling in the ARCTIC?  DISASTER. SHUT THAT IDEA DOWN by refusing to fund Shell at the pump. This is so much a BAD IDEA- I can't even write about it. There is a t-sq building with Jupiter - Neptune- and Saturn. They (GREED COMPANIES) need to be sent a message. Withhold your support- in every way possible. Common SENSE much come back into the picture! People haven't yet OWNED their power- to change- idiotic thinking. They are starting to wake up.

Saturn moves back into SAGITTARIUS......... on the 17th- (the same day that Mercury flips). Education, long distance travel ,Religion and its real purpose, Sports Stars who are out of work due to over working it- will all lead the headlines. IF we can get past the soap opera news that passes for news. Strong words about who can go where- and how we HELP HUMANS. Syria? Another disaster - the result of thinking BOMBS solve issues instead of minds that can compromise.

And the last week in Sept is going to show us what happens when you don't compromise. The Lunar Eclipse of this month- is in the 5 degree of Aries. The fighter. Spiting fire never felt so empowering.  Sometimes you do have to YELL "FIRE!" Or "FAKER!"

Eclipses always bring sudden shifts in your world when they highlight your personal planets.  So if you have planets in the cardinal signs (Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, Aries @ the 5 degree) - a BIG shift is coming. (also- Virgo, Sag, Gemini, Pisces at 21-23 degrees). You've likely felt it for a while. Stiff upper lip- and try to be very very direct in your communications and actions. You won't be able to hide - how you feel- what you need- to get through the changes in the path. Like George Harrison says: "when you don't know where you are going, any path will do"..... just put one foot (or idea)  in front of the other- and KEEP MOVING. This energy can not, should not be 'sat' on. Step over the log in the road. Learn to swim across the river. Use all your tools. (Mind, Body, Spirit).

You'll be happy to know- this month will bring some much needed action to get to 'higher ground'- (physical and mental) and once you are *there* you just might discover that the company (tribe) you seek is waiting for you- with some good old fashion manners and a good meal of the old school kind-slow,steady, and basic.  Get back to the land, in nature and around those who like to walk the path with actions instead of words. Its a good time to hang with the trees. Even embrace your child spirit and climb on up one. Get a NEW VIEW.


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