Friday, August 14, 2015


WORK IT; Jupiter in Virgo

I was going to speak on pollution. Gross Pollution. The EPA pulling the plug on three million gallons of Toxic mine waste- into the Animas river in Colorado, just as Jupiter (BIG) moved into the clean up your act- sign Virgo. Did anyone get fired? I do wonder. The way things are going down these days, one needs to stay busy to not become depressed. Work is a salve for the soul. Not for everyone mind you~ some people are into couch potato energy. They likely aren't doing what they love. And its going to be vital that you do what you love for the next 12 months. Otherwise, its going to feel like eating cardboard. Very bland. You'll be a whiner, and complaining will replace doing what you love.

 Complainers are so, because they've not tapped into what they love-!  Well, some people do love to complain. And at times one DOES HAVE A DUTY to complain! But that alone won't change things~ complaining stirs up the pot. It can sometimes result in some serious action. There were some very unhappy Grad students at the University of Southern California that not only complained- they ALL dropped out of the MFA program ~ AT ONCE. Because? The school wasn't listening to them- and their valid complaints. Somehow - someone FORGOT that they were there FOR the students, not the other way around. Change can be in our favor when we tap into our voice- and match it with action. Someone needs to tell this to the USA government- because they too have forgotten about the American people, the ones that they are here to SERVE.

Thank God Jupiter has moved from Happy -pay attention to me- to HOW CAN I BEST SERVE? Virgo. Seva (service), team work, digging out the weeds, fixing up the joint, getting on a GOOD diet, cleaning out closets,cabinets,garage and the junk in your mind- never was this so much fun. Really, making your life more stream line- effective and efficient really does have its rewards. It really is time to "clean up your act"~ period. No more excuses. If you pass by this path to improve your lot, you'll be sorry, because it really is easier than you think, (once you get in the grove) and you'll have to wait 12 more years if you give into the lazy vibe and don't make changes now.  Jupiter runs in a 12 year cycle.

We are going to be getting a big dose of Virgo - in Sept. Not only with the Giant planet Jupiter in Virgo- but we have a Solar Eclipse in Virgo at 20 degrees next month. So...... getting organized and compartment figuring it out- will be very much in the forefront of every one's mind.  So will Unions. Worker's RIGHTS. And how important BEES really are. The DETAILS will matter. Picky, Picky Picky. The Earth will be getting our attention even more (is that possible?) with how we grow our food, and what's tainted it and how to drag out those who thing they know best, when in fact the only thing they are concerned with is money and greed. Virgo likes things refined and simple. LESS IS MORE.

Nothing happens in isolation in the cosmos. Everything modifies everything else. While Virgo in Jupiter is skipping along this path for the next 12 months- (or doing the slow contemplative meditation walk) he'll be also striking a deal to become stronger with Pluto to 'get to the bottom of this waste'. As he begins to oppose Neptune, there will be no place for liars who've cooked the books to hide. Areas that will become TIGHT- are "worker compensation laws" and parasites who live off the system- because they've not discovered what they love (couch potatoes). Our welfare systems will be reviewed. And we might see a lean in towards socialism but with a twist of you still have to put in an eight hour day- and who really deserves a summer off? Certainly not our congress!!!!!!! The gap between the corporation greed and the rest of humanity is going to be picked at, until its made right. And yes, Virgo Sun Bernie Sanders is gaining ground. (dob -8th Sept 1941- he's ripe for success). Sanders is the three of Diamonds in the cards- "let's make a WORKING deal".

When Saturn re-enters Sag- mid- Sept........THAT'S when its going to get real interesting- around the areas of higher education, profits of education to benefit the top tier and not the student (we will see student protests in the next year- simply not paying back your student loans is going to create a monster snake hill). The vaccine debate will heat up. All of this is because Virgo in Jupiter will square off with Saturn in Sagittarius. Little guy vs the big guy. Remember what I said about LESS IS MORE. One small act of defiance CAN bring the house of cards tumbling down. Remember Gandhi's Salt march ?

When you find yourself a bit frustrated in the next few months, when things "seem" to be blocked, or actually are blocked- my advice is CLEAN THE FLOORS. Get out that bucket and water and soap and clean the floors. Give away a book to a homeless person. Plant a seed in your front yard- a Mango seed, a lemon seed a cherry seed. Whatever tree you want to see grow. Don't have a front yard? Plant a seed in a tiny container in your window seal. When it is big enough put it on the porch. When it needs ground- find someone who has a yard and give it to them. WORK IT. Collect seed beads. You collect enough you can create something beautiful. Work is GOD for those who plug into the joy of it. It will bring you some relief from the ever chatting mind stream of worry.

Tips for the signs: (read your rising sign too if you know it).

Aries-   Clean up your diet. Exercise. Manage your anger.

Taurus- What can you do for your lover? Child? Create path? Give what you want to get.

Gemini- Stop with the multi choices and just CLEAN ONE Drawer. Help your Mom/Dad. Focus is on Roots/home.

Cancer- Take a class in improvement- of- your mind/body/soul. Road Trips!

Leo- Ask for the raise AFTER you give 500 percent to the job for five months.

Virgo- Yes, it is about YOU now, and YOUR skills. Milk it for all its worth. Your time to shine is NOW.

Libra- Look at your need to keep the harmony- when conflict would actually bring spiritual growth.

Scorpio-Join the organization that speaks to your cause. Run with a pack of wolves, you get more done with others.

Sag- Publish your story. Stick to the finer details. Walk the talk.

Capricorn- Serve your God without fanfare or needing accolades. Give to charity. Travel. Let go of your dogma.

Aquarius- Bury the past. Let go of all that you think you know. Be willing to RECEIVE.

Pisces- Love your partner. Take your ideas to public. Crowd sourcing IS for you!

But whatever you do- to work it- remember you can take a rest, even if its just the afternoon nap now and again.

photo: ulysses working the dome c. parker mcphinney 2011.

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