Wednesday, June 10, 2015


inner stillness ; the view

"Never fear chaos because out of chaos something is always born. Instead of worrying about a chaotic situation, I await the birth. When your mind becomes chaotic-or when my mind is- it is because it is impossible to see the whole." ~ Carl Payne Tobey

(From: The Astrology of Inner Space)



Inside of you is a space that you can lean on in times of confusion. The trick is to make friends with this inner self. Greet it like a grandma/pa that is all knowing and all hugs!

Many MANY opportunities to look 'inward' now.  We are still in the Mercury retrograde cycle. Mercury will station direct on June 11th. STILL..........BE STILL.  Don't rush out to manifest or 'fix' what confusions happened in the last three weeks. Digest them for another week. Contemplate your role in the dramas and misunderstanding if these have transpired. BE clear before attempting to 'clear it up'.

Friday, the 12th of June, Neptune stations retrograde. This is actually a wonderful time to dream - inside your own INNER world. Not projecting it OUTSIDE OF THE SELF.  Take stock of what you can develop behind closed doors now. Keep some of your dreams to yourself. We live in a world where there is very little left to the imagination, all is shared - INSTANTLY. Every single fantasy and detail of life, is shared on Facebook, tweeter, 60 minutes! Our private lives do not exist if you are constantly telling the entire universe things that maybe~ COULD BE KEPT PRIVATE. KEPT SACRED. MADE SPECIAL. Celebrated in private. Like the secret hideaway you had as a kid.

Saturn is moving back into Scorpio on Sunday, June 14th. This should help in honoring private moments as such. Developing a bit of decorum. What was going on Mid- Dec. 2014? That can be revisited. What are your guidelines/boundaries in intimate arrangements? What responsibilities do you need to face up to?- how to mature concerning your sexual energy?  What elder in the family NEEDS your support and can count on you to BE THERE?  The last four months of Saturn in the last degree of Scorpio will separate the boys from the men, the adult from the rebellious (don't fence me in) teenager. If you can't be there for the one that gave you support in YOUR life- (aka- parents, grandparents, any elder in your world)~ expect that same to meet you when you're unable to care for yourself- by yourself.

 Scorpio energy really is an 'old-soul' kind of vibration. Its serious and loyal- sometimes obsessive, and even cruel when in the lower manifestation- but Scorpio energy is: "NO ONE LEFT BEHIND" and especially in Saturn. So, if you've not grown up yet, and you are past 28, get ready to learn some hard lessons in accountability. Saturn also rules - THE RULES.  Scorpio is debt.  The rules are going to be review. I still say the Feds are going to look at interest rates. We got a problem here- "STUDENT DEBT".......isn't going to just 'dissolve' can't garnish a paycheck for student loans, when there isn't one. So, sexual behavior, debt, elders, are on the agenda for the next months. Its not all gloom-doom......its simply - find a balance! Real estate numbers will be tweaked, and one might find some good deals with 'fixer-uppers' now, or fore-closers that have been sitting for way too long. Saturn will return to Sag, on Sept 17th. Until then, People born  with planets in the last degrees of Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius- have a chance to build from a new foundation. This "chance for a new life" won't return for 28 years. For some, not in their life time again. STAND TALL, and KNOW YOURSELF and YOUR LIMITS.

Now, for some light-hardheartedness.......BIG HEART action is happening all month! Venus is in LEO--- ! Romance and declarations from a big and OPEN heart.......... and you know what? Its needed! Splash that love of yours with daring sweet nothings~~~ sing out and skip with the joy of shared love.  Be child like in fearing nothing and giving all. Venus will be moving towards a lovely, most marvelous trine (flow) with Uranus.......and its a great combo of a loving friendship that shines for all to see. This energy will become more apparently toward the Summer Solstice....... which is on Father's day this year. Exact time- 9:38 AM PDT on the 21st of June.

On the 24th of June, Mars (action) will move into DAD, is going to be in the kitchen more and more! (maybe just eating, but .... it could be to cook too!)

Mars in Cancer - is self-protective and very much wanting emotional security. So while Mars visits Cancer- (until Aug 8th) Take the action -towards family matters, the home front, and also unite to make a more solid base for yourself. DIY projects work well with Mars in Cancer.... especially building a home based business. I am sorry to say the water wars will continue.

Until we get back to 'basics' and 'balance' we will continue to feel the chaos energy of the unknown, and somewhat insecure. The answer to this challenging time that we all live in, is to anchor yourself to the people and values that you believe in. The 'unknown' is always there; the way to see in the dark- is to stand still, listen hard, and breath deep. Then peace will descend and the inner eye will guide you to the light.

May your Summer be BRIGHT!

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