Monday, May 11, 2015


words to duel over

7:40 pm PDT on May 11th  (master number day)  Mars enters Gemini.

Mars will link up with the twin sign for just over six weeks. During this period you can discover just how many words can put you in a funk, thrill, or war. It may be only one word that does it- or a monologue of them.  But be certain, words do hold big sway right now, and they will have you  going through a dictionary of emotions.  All of this is of course compounded because Mercury is also in Gemini (home place) and so, the fluid energy of the POWER of words (I didn't say truth) to move people into rebel mode will be profound. Panties will get twisted. YOU SAID WHAT? will be uttered often. Gift of the gab might not be so.

Words are the result of the abc (always,being,continual) of thought. Ideas, concepts, contracts, and contradictions all begin in the mind. And the mind is a unreliable source of information, because of its very nature. That nature of the mind is  like a mad monkey. Zooming here and there on a thread of fleeting images. SERIOUS Fiction writers will do well the first week of Mars in Gemini- as he moves towards a opposition to Saturn (go, stop, go, stop, I said GOSTOP!). Right after that green/red turns to purple confusions Mars lines up with a square to Neptune........WHAT EXACTLY WAS SHE/HE SAYING? IS THAT A LANGUAGE?  Yes, it is- its called double talk. It will be fluently flying out of people's mouth.

What's a sane person to do?

STICK to the contract you made. Let the fools who lie hang themselves. They will. Law of the Universe- you put out crap- you get it back.Maybe not at that very second, but one day, when you least want to face yourself, the mirror of your words will meet you ..... and they will be as nice as you've been. 

 "Deception, Deception, Deception" ~The Glass Menagerie. (JoAnne Woodward at her best in the Tennessee Williams master piece-read it, or watch it- or both!)

Some people never lie directly. They are way too clever for that. They say just enough to leave you with the 'impression' that they wish you to have. They let you come to the false conclusion without having to lie. And yet, most people figure out this game. And it is a game to people who do it.

Mars in Gemini is a supporter of mind games.  I suggest pulling out the chess board and growing some new branches in your brain for the next six weeks. Buy a supply of good pens and nice paper and learn how to write well. (They don't teach that in school anymore- I think that they might have a 'how to text' class though).

Mars is about speed and Gemini is thoughts and words and so the mouth might not be able to keep up with the brain and thus you will have to S-L-O-W down.......not something people want to do much these days. Its all about how fast you can text, how soon you can be done with the communications, and back to staring at your facebook information overload.

 Its not good enough to have just a great idea anymore. Now you must pitch it, pin it, share it with facebook, twitter, etc. etc.  and instant gram it to the entire universe to sell it. Exhausting.  See what trouble the mind can get you in? A simple face to face conversation really seems like an old fashion joy. You have a voice! And its got great tone to it- I never knew! We only communicated by short hand. ! I thought you didn't speak. So few people do that these days. And listening - what's that? Never heard of it!

So where has all this speed of thoughts gotten us?  Information highway overload toxic disease!

Its going to become very clear we are due for a break from the onslaught of pins, instant nothings that saturate our brains at zillion speeds of light every second of every waking moment. I am tired just writing a blog about it!

Let us move on.

Mercury will station retrograde on 18 May - 11th June. 

Take plan A,B, and C on vacation with you.  Try not to multitask for three weeks. Try instead to concentrate on ONE project.

See where all the avenues of ONE idea can go. Explore the nature of your mind.  Do work with your hands. Create something out of nothing. Reread some classics.  Turn off the TV.

Jupiter will make happy with Mars. So yes, get out and PLAY. Or go see one!

Venus is in foodie Cancer until June 5th.  This is a great time to explore what security is to you- how you bond with others and what feeds your soul. Its a great time to enjoy water - a big body of one or a just bubble baths.

We live in a world that doesn't want you to slow down- and yet, while the planets are visiting signs that might speed things up for us, I say- SLOW DOWN.  Go real real slow this month and in June. 

So the fast one gets the bone? Well, I for one would rather have a life.

Stop and STARE at the flowers. They are tiny miracles. Remember that you too are a miracle. Life itself is a miracle. And the biggest miracle we all need right now is to become deaf to the information overload syndrome.

So make your fight one that is about taking your life back by putting down your 'information phone' and speaking the real language of life- SILENCE.  Then you will really be listening. 


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