Saturday, April 04, 2015


its a circus out there!~ have a twirl

Today is the TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE!  The degree is 15 Libra. (rounded off).....its ALL about compromise- and sharing with others the joy of life, while also being true to yourself. We need each other. Its said that Divine separated from himself (created man/woman) in order to experience himself. We are mirrors for each other- when we 'feel' in love.......we are literally loving ourselves. The mirror of 'other' is most helpful to go deep. Without it, yes, you can love yourself- but you will have a very different growth experience. Not everyone is meant to have a domestic partner- but we all need other people in our lives! There are lots and lots of ways that we 'partner'........ life is meant to be a shared event.

This eclipse is also about the JOY of shared love. Libra is ruled by Venus. And currently Venus is in TAURUS- who just loves to love! (I hear Donna Summer's singing in the background- 'Love to love you Baby!).......... Funny thing about Lunar Eclipses is- that they are full moons- shedding light, except there are sun glasses on, defusing that light a bit. Maybe even BLOCKING what you don't really wish to see.

 What's gotten out of balance in your partnerships? Where are you feeling more like you are just rowing the boat by yourself and your 'other' is enjoying but not fully "there"?  Maybe you have a nice balance going on and you are able to share the give and take- then this eclipse will deepen the love! Otherwise, there will be some adjustments that must be made (compromises) or maybe even time to face up to the mirror and see you do not see/feel the love- and how you must let go and cut some ties in order to experience joint partnership with some marvelous being waiting for you to cross their path. Maybe your business partner has gone and spent all the reserve, maybe you realize that your partnership at work is about being taken for granted, and you need to speak up.  Partnerships of EVERY KIND can change very FAST during an eclipse period.........up to six months we will see re-arrangements happening.

What we mustn' do - is sit on needs. Everyone has a need that sometimes doesn't get met. I'm not talking about that- Eclipses have us do a LONG OVER the long overview- what is going on with you and everyone else that makes up your life? How can you find the path to joint needs being met? The world would be very boring if we were all 'the same'.......this is an excellent time to do a course correction in the direction that your life is going and how you 'relate' (or don't) to ALL the areas of your life that have felt STUCK.

Life IS a circus. WATCH the show! It can be funny and filled with humor if we search for the humor! Jupiter is the planet in charge of helping us laugh~~ and Jupiter is moving in forward direction on April 8th! Do I hear an "AMEN".......SAY IT.....LOUDER!  Jupiter will help us see the blessings we have........the biggest blessing is - that when we find ourselves at an uncomfortable cross road (as March was a humdinger of a month!) that we can count at least ONE or TWO things that have graced our difficult time. Maybe we developed a greater understanding of the troubles that others have, when we go through a rough patch ourselves......You lose your job, then suddenly you have a great insight that - well, yes, that's gone- but........hey I can learn to grow my own food! Or- losing your job puts you on a new path you wouldn't of considered without being pushed.  I do suggest seeing lots of comedies while we get through this period of major shifts- that MANY are feeling.

Jupiter also makes a great tie with the Lunar Eclipse today. Its really is about JOYFUL OPEN HEART. Jupiter is currently in Leo- and that is very much about the heart. An open heart will guide you to the path that is yours!  Sometimes we have to experience what we don't want to KNOW what we do! And to discover that is to:  CELEBRATE!!!!!!  IF you don't know what you want or need - how on earth are you ever going to allow it to manifest?  Don't block your own path!


VENUS will enter into the sign of Gemini on the 11th of April.  How do I LOVE thee? Let me count the ways! Add to your library- or start your own book. Write a day blog on things to be HAPPY ABOUT. Share your ideas with many. Move the mind toward what CAN be done, not what isn't happening. Learn to juggle not only colorful balls in the air, but also your negative mindset. Move past the 'no's to the 'yes'..........try new things in the month of April. Don't let the headlines of the world's suffering close your heart. Start writing your own news- that of what you want to create in your life= NOW!

So here's to lots of 'twirling' !

photo-  "Columbina" taking a twirl c. parker mcphinney

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