Wednesday, December 03, 2014


Christmas wishes

Greetings from INDIA.

Wishing for everyone a HAPPY HOLY HOLIDAY *LIFE*.....

There's nothing like a few weeks of continual praying with thousands of people to help you find the love within. And isn't that what the holiday season is about? It is if you are in India on a pilgrimage.

This month is full of changes and chances to find the love by sharing your time, energy, good will with ANYONE who needs it. Today the 4th Mars moves into Aquarius. It will trigger the Solar Eclipse point of Nov 23rd- which means that some opening that you may or may not want is coming. Mars in Aquarius deals with air traffic, frozen water, fast wind, and expect some of the unexpected. Crazy weather- earthquake action- is to be expected!!!  ESPECIALLY THIS WEEK.

On the 8th of Dec - Jupiter turns retrograde- so I am of the thought that going INWARD really is the best gift to give to the self.....bringing compassion and goodwill to others instead of wanting more STUFF.

There's nothing wrong with having the desire for objects; after all it gives people jobs.......but keep it in balance this year!  What can you give that can help open a heart? Where can you share a smile? Who needs some understanding? And most of all- LOVE YOURSELF!!! Jupiter is in LEO- so take care of your heart- and also expand it. If you are not happy, then try to figure out why. Some inner exploration is great while Jupiter is retrograde. Go out and meet NEW FRIENDS.... Jupiter's back tracking will make happy with Uranus in a few weeks. So use this time to 'explore the world within".

The Winter Solstice is on the 21st. ALSO on that day its a New Moon (not always so) AND Uranus is stationing Direct (aka- first gear -all systems GO).... So its powerful time to find your back bone of blue chip virtues. How can you stand TALLER? I am not talking about in achievements- I mean in being a person of integrity. Walking the talk. Telling the truth. Discovering what your principals are and living by them- no matter what the cost. Are you willing to work a bit harder to make someone's life a little easier- just for a day?  That's living TALL. Can we bring more unity to the Christmas table by not just passing the food, but passing on the mis-understandings that often come up during the Christmas season. Expectations can be so high during this time. Expect nothing and give everything- you will be happier!!!!  Try it for a day.

Venus moves into Capricorn on the 16th and so quality over quantity is the name of the game. REAL DEAL LOVE RULES.  DUTY. (yes!- it can be very rewarding). Long lasting partnerships can be formed that WILL make it through the storms of life.

On the 23rd Saturn moves into Sag. THIS shift is a big one in an ironic way.  Saturn is restrictions. and Sag is about expanding beyond the Universe. Maybe Santa goes on Strike and forces everyone to share. Learn the meaning of true wealth.~ a wish to help each other on the journey of life. A desire to be the best human you can. Strong tolerance for those of a different view, or faith; after all if we all thought the same- think how boring the world would be. Diversity makes life interesting. You can become a forever student when you keep your MIND and HEART open.

Wishing for you bright lights and a full heart today and always!


 with love from India!

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