Thursday, November 13, 2014


at the crossroads

WHEN you find yourself at the crossroads, as many people are these days, I hope there's a place to sit for a spell to enjoy the view, before you move forward. Be it left or right or (which ever path calls you) take stock of what is right in front of you~ NOW. All to often in life we don't really SEE what IS until we look behind. And then the view is very different, or gone completely. Like a passing cloud.

Neptune stations direct on the 15th of Nov. The veil of maya (means temporary-think of it as changing sets on the stage) is about to be lifted. No more re-runs.  What you see, will be what you deserve. It all depends on the view finder,and the color of lens that you've been looking through since last June. Have you been walking around in a confused daze? Have you been in denial? Have you reverted back to childhood memories that weren't really great, but better than the current now? Or have old black and white movies taken you to a place that never was, or could be, but you LONG for it anyway? Fear not, Neptune turning direct will help you make your OWN color-loaded musical..............and OH WHAT FUN IT WILL BE!  Because the only movie we really can be super thrilled about is the one we make based in the truth of what kind of life we want. Granted, sometimes the Universe can throw you curve balls that you'd swear you never ASKED for. And then there's the HOME RUN that you are VERY SURE YOU ASKED FOR!!!! 

What it boils down to is this-  Mars is triggering the Lunar Eclipse of Oct 2014, and that's going to makes some people scream- 'let's get the show on the road!' (literally).........and others will be scream- "time to strike the set, this baby's gone bust'.......... so when you find your self ready to move onwards, just pause for a moment-and take a deep breath because the future just got a slice of sunshine- and it came about because YOU grasped the doorknob, got on the bus, plane, train, and said -time for a new view! Neptune is how we dream. - it rules our imagination. It rules Spiritual paths. It also represents the swamp land in Florida someone wants to sell you..... but ..... because Neptune is having lots of support from Scorpio planets right now it is very helpful in RESEARCHING THAT LAND before you buy. AND having a good time even if you decide not to sign on the dotted line. You never know what things await you until you LIVE YOUR DREAMS, INSTEAD OF DREAMING THEM IN YOUR HEAD.

So, dream a bit,journey a lot, trust yourself, and jump in the deep end..(of a new adventure)......because there are more things to life than paying the rent. There are places to see, new people to meet, and most of all COMPASSION to be developed. This is done in the fast lane, when you move out of your comfort zone, and into the thrill of the unknown.

VERY SOON (SUNDAY) Venus moves into Sag. This placement is all about travel, higher education, the clergy, lawyers....and FREEDOM to explore LOVE.  And how to love fully with every breath.

So, stop reading and go book your flight, hug your beloved, give thanks for all that is.....and remember to say a thought for those who don't have- food, clothing, shelter, or PEACE. 

Happy Thanksgiving dear readers.......I'm off on my own love-adventure......wishing you the best ever Holiday Season!

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