Monday, October 06, 2014


great wing of the sphenoid

SOMETIMES in life you have to look behind the words, and pay witness to actions. This week, and all of October would be a good time to exercise your penetrating eyesight. To observe. Be still and watch the show. But do peek behind the curtain and try to glimpse what words match the actions, and which ones do not. The show is going to get very interesting. It won't go as planned in some cases. We are in 'stirring the soup' time. The short of it is: Mercury retrograde (backwards) in Scorpio, then in Libra (see the news this morning on same sex marriages?)~ a Lunar Eclipse (Full moon with sunglasses on) in the sign of ARIES, followed by a Solar Eclipse in SCORPIO at zero degree hanging with Venus at the same point.  The venue is a packed show of "Now you see me, Now you don't" "Guess who's coming to Dinner" and " I love you truly, madly, deeply".... !

All bets are off on who will sit where at the dinner party. Musical chairs would be a good half time event. Keep it interesting, don't bore the guests; or trouble will start.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio for now, but on Oct 10th its retro movement enters back into the sign of Libra. So use the Scorpio period to investigate what motivates you to love, how to love more deeply and when its soulful and when its just selfishness. CLARIFY.  Mercury in Scorpio at the zero degree is REAL IMPORTANT. (Oct 9th 10th). It will 'pick up' energy from the UPCOMING Solar Eclipse at zero Scorpio (OCT 23rd). What goes on around the 9th and 10th should be made note of. It will become a footnote. Sign contacts at your own risks. Hidden clauses...... remember- my opening line.

What people DO when they think you aren't watching TELLS YOU everything about them. EVERYTHING.

Knowledge is protection. Prayer too. Faith in right action.  No one gets 'away' with anything on planet Earth (or any other planet).  The universe never sleeps, and certainly not this month!!!!  One eye is always OPEN. The INNER ONE.

If your actions have been less than noble, you haven't fooled anyone, just yourself. But there is always a redeeming element in being human. Keep the heart open, start with the correct foot of action and all will be well.

Personally, I think its going to be a bit of "Comedy of Errors" with this Mercury retrograde. Secrets will come out, and some will be hilarious! Its ok to laugh at yourself now and then!  As my friend says:  "MY BAD!"  (I screwed up~SORRY). Then you get to kiss and make-up.... which brings us to Mars in Sag.... Mars is still in Sagittarius.  Horse around. Gamble a bit with your heart, but go light on the butter. (all this Scorpio energy will keep the surgeons busy). Mars in Sag is expansive energy, it loves to cover lots of uncharted ground. Its in a great relationship with the Sun right now, and also with Jupiter and soon with Venus! This takes the edge off of all the "changing and uncertain" energy out there. Makes use of it in a positive way. We see so much shifting of positions these days (not talking yoga, talking pov) its hard to know what's real, secure and lasting. With the Sun/MARS/Venus/Jupiter energy- having an adventure you can remember for a long time would be good use of this combo. Take that class that you have not one clue how you are going to pay for,or trip, or go on that date with the 'very much not my type' person---- it could just open an avenue that you'd NEVER thought you'd be on!!  This energy is about exploring; LOVE, ACTION, BEING!  This window of 'risk taking' is blown open between Oct 6th-25th). GO! FOR! IT!

Now, we will discuss the Eclipses. 1995.  What manifested for you at the middle of '95-into '96?

We are building on that cycle. (that's the last time the Lunar Eclipse was at 15 Aries, and the Solar Eclipse was at 0 Scorpio).

Can you build on top of that foundation, or do you need to clean slate? What 'drove' you then?  How does is it useful to what you are focused on now? Did you LEARN ANYTHING THAT YEAR of GREAT VALUE? And, are you repeating choices that are good or bad?

I think that often we are living in our past without even realizing it. Old patterns get logged into the computer brain. Some aren't useful. Time to clean the hard drive and make sure not one virus is causing things to go array. If you really do want peace and happiness then every action has to be made to LIVE peace and happiness. We all *know* if our behavior is healthy or not. If our head/heart is in the right place or not. But do you *know* that YOUR time here is limited? The bell will RING. Don't make the mistake of thinking the school of Earth will *wait* for you to do your homework and still let you pass the class. Sometimes you just get expelled; especially if you slept though the lecture. NEXT LIFE!

When eclipses happen- big headlines will show the passing of the torch. I am looking at England for a big change in leadership. BIG.  The Solar Eclipse of OCT 23rd will active the Queen's Sun, and Charles Moon. EXACT.  Power and LOVE. Soulful choices.

But first.......

Lunar Eclipse date- Oct 8th 3:51am PDT. (TOTAL). DAMN IMPORTANT Moment!  Long reaching effect. 

STRONG FEMALE energy is coming to your town.  Across the world. This is the ARIES Lunar Eclipse energy. Moon in a fire sign of a Mars force. No more passive, submissive, I can only make babies kind of women out there. No. Making babies is great. Fantastic. But "she" is soooooooooooooooooooooooo  much more that a birth machine. Watch her move and shake and change the world. Its already made the headlines in fact. Did you see the photo of the WOMEN in INDIA who worked on the Mars Mission?  Here's the story:


 The Scorpio Eclipse is conjunct with Venus. DEEP LOVE. REAL DEAL OR FORGET IT.  Triangles? At your own risk. If you've not grown up (emotionally) enough to be able to go deep into something, then maybe you do need to have more than one partner at a time.
If you are easily bored, then you are likely also boring and thus do need several options to keep alert and interested.
A focus that is split does far less than one that is held steady to the goal. The shallow pond is build for those who are afraid of deep waters. We all learn at different speeds. However, when a Solar Eclipse with Venus in the line up happens- it is soul mate time. They will be showing up. PAY ATTENTION.  We will see many a united front that will move mountains with their love. It will be a love that most people on earth never experience because they never allow it. They don't believe its possible because they've never stuck with love long enough to discover the gold of a deep, powerful, loyal love that sees your soul, not your body, not your mind, but who you REALLY ARE.  THE ATMA!

 It feeds the soul this love, and moves you toward your very own self. In truth, soulful love is divine love.

So as you navigate the next month, take to heart to these words:

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.”

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