Wednesday, April 30, 2014


No, the FAT LADY hasn't SUNG YET

So, just so you can get in the mood........

and we do love it when she sings!!     

Listen with your heart.......then read on.

April's two eclipses, and big SHOWING- of the grand comsic cross has most of us still going round on the merry go. Or doing a dance in the boxing ring, trying not to get knocked out! OR, if you are LUCKY (and able to detach from events) watching the SHOW from the sidelines! With sheer wonder, I might add. (How to keep your wits about you when all hell is breaking loose is an art form).

 Yet, its just the warm up act really. All this unfolding of events takes a bit longer. Its a tone that is set. Its the ideas that are born under these EXTREME CONDITIONS that you can focus on. Its the facing of the facts of what is- while looking clearly to see what needs to be done in order to create what you are STRIVING for. 

AND THE SHOW GOES ON. We pick up the pieces after the tornado, the flood, the shooter. Life isn't really the same after you've had a major crisis as we've seen in the papers day after day. Bombings and planes going puff in the night. Just a loud reminder that its really important right now to be truthful about what you WANT.

Maybe that is just a little bit more peace. Maybe its more love. Maybe its to be 'listened' to. Whatever it is- pipe up. Don't DEMAND....simply ask for what you need. Nudge along the path toward it. Don't give up hope, instead give out some. Listen to those who speak to you telling you what they need. Don't spend time working on your response while they are sharing- really be present.  FIND THE MIDDLE GROUND. If you don't see any middle ground right now, then best to just walk away and let things rest for now. JUNE will open up some major doors. THAT is when Mars will trigger the 'promise' of the recent cardinal cross. 

MARS is still retrograde. And Mars has several chances to stir up this cardinal cosmic cross. Rest assured, that will happen. Mars is also still in Libra. The sign of 'balance' and 'good manners'. This would be an excellent time to throw a party to celebrate what IS still here. Namely, the people you love. Its passive-aggressive energy will still be there in some form or fashion with those who can't find the place to be up front with their needs. Passive-aggressive energy is played out when one doesn't really believe that they are worthy to receive. Or they are unable to SPEAK UP because a fear of rejection. We are all wounded in some way. No one whose been here on the planet for any length of time is without an experience of loss, rejection, failure, or false friends, loves betrayed....its just how it goes on this planet. Its the school of learning to love no matter what. And Libra is really good at seeing beauty and not wanting to face anything too 'harsh' or 'difficult'....and yet, until you do, you don't develop the muscles to survive. IT'S in the syllabus.

VENUS WILL enter ARIES on MAY 2nd..... (we can all fall in love FAST)....

The week of May 11-17th is especially prone to the instant love. Its really a time of wonderful opening up to how love can bring a new view into our world. Suddenly, colors are brighter. The air is crisp and we find that we see the GOOD in life............. if we search for it. 

YOU must train your mind to focus on the goodness in life right now.

The energy is such that dark will be very dark. And so, the light will be EVEN BRIGHTER.....remember what the lady sang......sing along with her.



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