Monday, December 30, 2013


2014....year of justice (just us).

2014. almost here. is here. there is no such thing as time. its a man made thing to keep track. track of what? who 'dune' what, when they 'did' it. the only thing you really need to know about 2014 is this:

THIS IS THE YEAR OF US. THIS IS THE YEAR OF JUSTICE.  JUST US.  US is all. The year of finding the all.

OK. enough with the message behind the words. I will make it even more stream line. 

WE ARE ONE. When you find the one, you find the all. the all is in the one.

Mars is in Libra. That's the sign of  "us".... that's the sign of JUSTICE. When 'we' the people unite, there is a drive for Justice. We are in real need of this. And Mars will help you and me- us~~ get it, discover it. Understand it. And live it. Justice is also peace. justice of peace. Its not the man I speak of. The fairness. Need and desire for PEACE. However, I do think lots of weddings will be planned this year. LOTS. Wedding managers will do well. Las Vegas will be busy, fast weddings. Weddings that some don't approve of. Unions of impulse. Because the urge for unity is going to be very very very strong. IN ALL FORMS.

Webster says: 

fairness, authority exercised in maintenance of the right. judicial proceedings. magistrate.

My take- with Mars in Libra........yes, war will continue. But............................. the effort for peace will be greater. the need to find harmony in efforts will be the over driving energy until July 27th when Mars then moves into Scorpio. Until then Mars in Libra rules the chess game. It is a game. Make it a game of light and color and designed to bring you equal mindedness.

Things that might come down in the next six months: 

1. Supreme court Justice (s) are replaced. (one or two) ......... big debate on who will be the replacement.

2. The 'highest court' in the land~ in every country~ is challenged. Making new mandates that change the power balances.

3. Marriage is redefined.

4. Places of 'peace' are attacked with more fever- such as the peace corps. places of worship. AT the same time more effort is made to CREATE peace 'spots'.......

5. Wind energy is embraced.

6. The meeting of some of the world's greatest minds will take place to help SOLVE the world's 'fairness' issues... FARMING=  FOOD.

7. Putin will hate this year.

8. Increase in Women leaders. They will fight to hold on!

9. Woman's rights is the main headline in the news

10. The ARTS will be funded in new ways. THEY WILL THRIVE!

That's just a few things that I believe Mars in Libra will bring to the forefront. The peace marcher will be walking lots of miles. Get some good sneakers step out for PEACE!

We are going to need it. We enter the new year- with some powerfully explosive energy. Energy can't be dissolved it just moves into a new form. Make sure your 'form' is graceful.  Big winds are coming.

Let fly the flag of PEACE in our hearts. In our actions. In our words.

BUT........don't be a doormat either.  Mars in Libra can sometimes side step confrontations JUST to keep the 'peace' (piece)... know sometimes you have to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED. This is that year.

Best time of the year for humanity to unite: MARCH. Venus will move into Aquarius and be in a favorable relationship with Mars. Mend fences...Mend boarders.... Mars will be retrograde from March 2nd- May 20th.  During this time- you can review how to best use your energy to get what you want by 'attracting' it to you and not 'pushing' for it. Get by giving. Then again  in July Venus in air sign Gemini (in trine to Mars) will favor all sorts of book publishing.

Mid July will bring us (ROYAL) Jupiter = LEO ... Might Prince Charles think about being King?  It might be up for discussion! Or perhaps lovely Catherine the Duchess with the best taste, another baby due?

By the time fall flows around we will be in Jupiter TRINE Uranus energy.......and THAT is HAPPY HAPPY- we have hope~!

Yes, I am saying- that by the fall of 2014 we will have lots to be happy about in the world. We are making progress. Yet, the progress we NEED to make is INTERNAL. Inside of you and me. Then WE will be Happy.

"the peace of God that surpasses all understanding" will guard your hearts and mind in 2014!

 SEEK IT.  Let it unfold within you. Flame the desire to know that level of peace.

Peace be with you~~~ in 2014

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