Saturday, November 30, 2013


What's going on? * LOVE *

Take a moment to listen to Marvin, before you read my monthly forecast......

Ok, that is suppose to set the tone. LOVE is what's going on-  If you can tap into it, and share it and gently discover it within- like your breath it is. Its not a grasping thing. You can't grasp love anymore than you can grab air.

You allow yourself to embrace it-feel it and give it. GIVE IT ALL THE TIME. In your smile. In your words. In your silence. In your prayers and compassion for all in the world.  And then life becomes a bit easier. The struggles become doable. Your heart opens. You learn that you are never "alone" as you are with YOUR VERY SELF- WHICH IS LOVE.  This is a fundamental spiritual teaching. And no one lives it more than AMMA, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Jesus and all the realized souls who have walked the earth. Begging us to watch their actions of love, and to mimic them. Then at one point you are plugged into the divine source that fuels the world of love.

I just came back from spending my birthday with Amma (the hugging saint).

Here's a link to her site if you've never hear of her- she'll give you some hope and a hug too if you can catch her tour around the world. She's a busy bee of love- not taking, only giving. Buzzing around the world giving hugs, food, shelter, education, housing, etc. etc. If she can do all that she's done in 60 years- surely we can control our thoughts and be a bit more compassionate and peaceful.

She's the mother. And I do mean 'divine mother'. We've got a lot of helpers here on Earth, but you do have to seek them out. You have to make the effort. The reward of hanging out with a realized saint is that it uplifts you and opens your heart and mind. You feel 'lighter' you tap into your own source of love. Then you go out and share it, just by 'being'. This isn't a bunch of new age words- its the TRUTH. To know that its the truth you have to experience it first hand.

Someone at the retreat told me a story of another asking them: "What do you get out of this?"

We both just burst out SMILING. And then the satsang began (spiritual discussion) of when and how the inner ego shuts off just enough for one to experience divine love. Once that has been tasted the quest to live it 24/7 never ends. This can take many lifetimes. But how many lifetimes did it take to even prepare enough to be willing to love and look within in the first place? Everyone starts from the start. And I shared my own stories of not 'seeing' or 'getting' it- in the beginning. But the guru had called and I had answered. My heart had been opened by a death of a deeply beloved one, so I was ready for my medicine. I had my marching orders - and I never looked back. Well, that's kind of how it is. You don't know what you "get out of it" until one fine day when grace comes and you are covered inside and out with divine love. So you just SHOW UP, Wait, And LISTEN.......and it will unfold.You make effort to be a better person. You make effort to stop judging. You make effort to tune into positive thoughts. You ask - "WHO AM I" ?  (not the job, title, body, etc.).

You are love.

The earth covers us up with so much heavy dust we forget. Saints help us to look within, and sprinkle us with love and then we 'remember'.  Ahhhhhh. Love. that's it. LOVE.  Its not just a word. And I am not speaking of 'personal' love. I am pointing a few chakra notches up- divine love. Crown chakra. (look it up).

This is the start of the holiday season. And so that is why I started the blog off with LOVE.

Because giving love is the best forever gift you can give. Its the gift that keeps on giving. When you give love- it multiplies. This is how we have a more loving world. There is no other recipe.

The planet of LOVE - Venus is turning retrograde on Dec 21st. She'll be in the Sign of Capricorn until March 4th.  She'll be retrograde until Jan 31st 2014.

So, during her retrograde period- why not review /count the ways you can develop more self love. And then count the ways that you can seek out to discover love. Look for the love in unlikely places. Ask divine to give you the treasure map.

Here's some clues:

Aries:   In your "mission"- make sure its done with love not ego. At the board meeting leave thank you notes for everyone. With father figures. At the top of the mountain. On the roof over looking the city. As you lead others to discover their power- make it the power of LOVE. At the dinner table - show it towards the head of the family. (even if that's Yourself!)

Taurus:  Teaching from your higher principals. Living your teachings. Giving the gift of higher knowledge -your own or pay for a class for someone. Trying to understand other cultures. Sharing food, clothes, music, paints, with those who are without. Pay for someones entrance into the Museum, music concert, or dance show.

Gemini: Ask your partner what makes them feel 'secure' and give it without hesitation. Make the first hug move after a fight. Forgive your enemies at work. Don't compare yourself to others. Try to understand other's values that are different from your own. Be loyal- to the end!  Keep your word.

Cancer:  Give your mate everything you think they are giving you- without reservation! Buy them handmade soap and do things the old fashion way- like looking them in the eye when you have private time. Review for yourself when you first 'fell in love' and try to always see the 'other' for what they are 'giving' and not what you aren't getting. Practice to be ever so loving in public! Develop better manners. Hold the door open for both men and women! Pay for someones parking meter when you see its about to go to zero. Make handmade Christmas cards that require a stamp.

Leo: Give your helper a day off with pay. Clean out the closet. Mentor a young person. Go down to the local eatery and arrange to buy someone a meal, or cup of LATTE. Go through your books and give three of them to the local goodwill. Pick up the trash at your local park. SING IN PUBLIC at the TOP OF YOUR LUNGS: "Oh, what a Beautiful Morning!"

Virgo: Remind your kids how much you love them and how proud you are of them. Be less critical of their shortcomings. Give to your local animal shelter. Subscribe to the theatre. Go dancing! Better yet- have a dance party and invite a bunch of old people! Dress up like a clown for a day and pass out flowers on the corner.

Libra: Make your home a place of peace. Decorate the front door with classic holiday CHEER. Give your landlord a gift of paying your rent EARLY and with a note of well wishes for the new year. Take a blanket to the woman's shelter. Feed a friend. Be good to your body for a month- eat less sugar! Spend a night praying for every single country in the world. Give a house plant to someone who has the need for one.

Scorpio:  Speak with loving words. Take a poetry class (or organise one)  and bring the pens.  Control your negative thinking. Write a brother or sister a long-hand written letter on nice paper. Check out your local community center and see if you can give someone a ride to and from for a day. Tip the taxi guy triple. Give your mechanic a gift for the holidays.

Sagittarius:  Take a bit of your savings money and give it to charity. Work an extra hour and don't fret about it. Buy your favorite CD and give it away. Pay for a massage for someone who you know who needs it. Go out and spend some money at the local coffee shop- supporting a group of musicians, comedy troupe, and or any local artists. Take some fresh cut flowers to the local banker.

Capricorn:  LOVE YOURSELF. Be nice to your KNEES.(rub them with oil).  Remember all the people you love and tell them everyday! knit a scarf for a lover/friend. Ask yourself everyday- how can I be more loving? Work less, rest more. Sleep in and don't think about what you should be doing! Sponsor a goat. Leave a special treat for the critters.

Aquarius:  If you have an elder who is lonely or in a home -go visit them ! Take a hike on a trail and pick up the trash along the way. Give to the church, temple, or any place of worship that speaks to your heart. Start a meditation group/ or go to one for weekend and share what you learn. Contribute to any place that helps clean up the ocean.  Spend the day in silence.

Pisces:  Make extra effort to see old friends. Write your congress person about keeping oil out of our Oceans.  Join groups that interest you, such as - ballroom dancing, traditional folk singing, and or quilt making. Arrange for flowers to be sent to someone who you've had a riff with. Forgive them. Organise a pot luck office party. Thank the TEAM.

I wish for you all a healthy, happy, and full of LOVE holiday season!

And I will leave you with Mr. Nat King Cole- singing it :

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