Thursday, October 31, 2013


the moon shinning across a lake

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh it's that magical time of year~ again.  Happy Samhain to all the pagans! It's the witch's new year. And this new year is going to be a mind blower!

So much going on in such a short period of time......actually in just one weekend!

What lurks below the surface? LockNest monster or Lotus root?

Likely, a little bit of both. But First, Let's start at the surface. Things my 'appear' to be calm and 'ok'....that's the still before the storm...... like the moon shinning across the lake, the reflection is just on the surface. It doesn't reveal what is underneath. 

On the surface we have a Spy scandal worthy of a B rated movie. The webs that are woven now will reveal in a few months how deep mistrust of each other really is. Not just  Heads of State, but of cultures. Of different generations. Between men and women. Of anything that is 'different' than you are. Oh, for the healthy, who crave coffee and various views every 30 seconds this isn't true. THEY will be flying high!  

WHAT we have URANUS (lightening bolt) in its FOURTH (of 7) Square to Pluto~~ exact on Nov. 1st........CRASHING your plan (or party) with a dose of truth in what it means to rock a boat when you don't know what is underneath. When you 'stir' up the dust, make sure the earth isn't contaminated. How can you make sure if you can't see' it?  YOU FEEL for the path of what has been proven over the centuries to be dharmic. (right action).These things are known. They are in the heart. When one cheats, steals, lies, are unfaithful...they know its wrong. They just find out HOW wrong when they get caught. YOU will GET CAUGHT.......underneath that calm water is the soul wanting to grow. We grow by making mistakes and then making them right. Its all a big drama really. Soap Opera earth actors playing their roles! So, don't beat yourself up- re-write the play! Or create a new part for yourself. If you've been a villain for a while, walk on the other side~ explore what it "FEELS" like to be a compassionate truth seeker. To help others and think of them first.

SCORPIO is all about what is hidden. Then its about transforming. Then its about dying to be reborn.  We are all headed into this cocoon of death and rebirth. The Solar Eclipse is at 11 degrees Scorpio- and its on Nov. 3rd.  Like I said, busy weekend. 

Thing is, eclipse energy is a new moon with sunglasses on and the shades might not get taken off for a while. Then again, someone  might come along and rip your fake mask off. So if you've not been 'true'..........get ready for the spotlight. You can always turn it on yourself by looking in the mirror and making some GOOD choices that allow for morphing into a new year with a new you. Sometimes we really don't see our dark spots. Don't want to. Don't worry, there will be plenty of people to point them out in the next weeks. 

What if you've been squeaky clean ? Well, you can still use this period to look at what you wish to create on a level that is deep and rings loud to your values in life. You can spend some time embracing the fact that we all say good bye to the body~ one day- so before your time comes, what do you wish to do with your time? Mercury is still retrograde until Nov. just know- you might change your mind. It's ok. Multi-tasking and changing of the passions is in vogue now. If you aren't Shiva with 6 arms (or ideas) then you can't say you've really LIVED FULLY.

Venus moves into the sign of Capricorn on Nov 5th. Get ready to work it. And you'll be re-working it for a while, as it STAYS in Capricorn until MARCH 5th 2014.  Yes, Venus will be turning retrograde in December for many months, so whoever you 'break-up' with will be hanging out on the street corner reading the paper (oops- I mean reading their cell phone) hoping you walk by............ you will.

In general what I advise for everyone is to make a plan of your goals, keep it flexible, and starting on Nov 13th (when Neptune goes direct) dive on into the lake and find out what is below the surface. You can't break water, and the magical moon might just give you insight of what you not only need, but long for. 

Happy Halloween!
So Mote it Be!

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