Monday, September 30, 2013


finding the sweet spot

In art there is a term: "the sweet spot". It means to find the 'flow'.  To work at feeling and creating a 'flow' from your tool, whatever the tool is. (I am not talking 3rd chakra here-this is beyond that). If you apply this method to your life, you in fact will enjoy it more. Find the sweet spot by using your own god given talents and develop them. Work at it . Experiment. Explore until it reveals itself to you.

Weave your life's path first by FINDING your sweet spot........and that may take a few sour moments. Don't be afraid to discover the sweetness in the sour. 

We are moving into eclipse month.  On Oct 18th @ 4:38 pm (PDT)- we have the first of two eclipses. Its a lunar eclipse in the sign of Aries 25 degrees. If you have any cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) planets within three degrees of this (on either side) you will FEEL it.  And what that means- is what do I need to do to accept or make changes in my life that will strengthen me? If you feel 'weak' right now you need to discover your courage. 

Most battles really have to do with the self. Aries is about pushing back, leading and taking a stand. Its also about being a pioneer, going where others fear, and lighting the fire from within.  In its weak state it shows itself by  being a bully, demanding to be heard until everyone drops from exhaustion of listening to the forever monologue, and not LISTENING to feedback. 

SOMETIMES being strong means being able to bend. Being able to find peace instead of war. Being able to be on your own instead of always being with another. Going it alone has some rewards now.

This Lunar eclipse will highlight many 'break-ups'.  Its the push and pull between 'me and thee'. Confusion may be brought into partnerships. WHAT are "WE" ?  (those kind of late night questions).....If you are suddenly faced by some 'fog' in your long term partnerships- you haven't been paying attention. I say that because eclipses can bring LONG TERM ISSUES to a head. The ones that have been swept under the rug. Suddenly that rug is pulled out from under you and you see the 'dirt'. So eclipses are clean up time! Events force you to SEE WHAT IS.

If you allow your partner (be it business, marriage, romance etc) SPACE to be, you give the relationship some need 'air'. They can grow in their own ways and come back stronger and thus strengthen the partnership.  This would be the time to allow that growth to take place. 

On the 21st of Oct. Mercury flips retrograde. This flip will last until Nov 10th.  Review, REwrite, REdo, REact= all the movements of a chance to rearrange your life- the inner one as well as the furniture.  

The next thirty days are going to bring expanded views on how many trees are actually in the forest. Some people really don't do good at math. As long as they aren't your accountant you don't have to worry. Really, in truth, you never have to worry. Worry is a choice~ and habit, and for some unfortunate souls a forever state of mind. 

Worry doesn't help you find the sweet spot.  So brush it aside and make room for the scent of sweetness to enter, and once you find it inhale deeply. 

photo- c. p. mcphinney 
Venus eclipse of the Sun
June 5th 2012.


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