Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I got a feeling.....


OH YEAH........ We are in between Eclipses. The best is yet to come. I really mean that. I did mention about heads of state changing....(in last month's' blog) and in the Netherlands......they got a new King and Queen..See? This age old history of heads of states changing when the  Eclipses come calling, is the real deal !!. and the big Solar Eclipse is still 9 days away!! So many changes are coming down the path. Its all good. ~ in a 'lets view it that way' sort of way. CHANGES  can be our friend. If... we let the grip on the cookie jar relax just a bit.

You have to feel your way around changes to make the best of them. You can't really just jump in the deep end right now. Ease on down the mountain (or up it) ~~ scoot on your butt if you have to-  or take a rest half way down (or up)--- just don't look down. It'll freak you out how far you've come and how far you have to go to get to the landing. Steady gets the gig when  the cosmos are filled with Taurus EARTH energy.  Don't under-value the importance of slowne$$$$$$$$$.  Like I said - I got a feeling...its about the inner worth- but outer worth counts too.

Ben baby who decides who pays more interest and when, is going to be in the news by the time the third eclipse hits on May 24th.~ or shortly thereafter.  For those of you who live in a cash only world you can skip this part.  Its the head of the Federal Reserve Board I am talking about........ Chairman Bernanke... he's got a Birth Chart that going through some big time changes........Saturn return (what do i want to do with the rest of my life?) Jupiter return (do i still have any dreams left?) and the Lunar Eclipse in May will conjunct his Mercury (mind) EXACTLY. So what he decides will have long and far reaching impact on many many people. Of course he doesn't 'decide' things about our interest rates alone.....but ............ the fact is things are going to get better and once that writing is on the wall...the buzz in my ear is that interest rates are going UP. Its coming sooner than you think - so plan accordingly. IN THE FUTURE- STUDENT LOANS are going to be very very important. Around Dec. 2014. -Big changes coming.

ALL this energy in the sky- right now- Taurus-- is about Money- and love, and what you love and how you spend/save money and or spend or save your loving. WHAT is it YOU VALUE? That's what you have to go after. That's what needs to be looked at. It might not be the dollar bill at all- but the freedom it give you - of choice.

Taurus likes its comforts. That means silk. chocolate. nice scents. quality. not so much quantity-  just the finer things in life. They don't have to be 'expensive' -but well thought out, well made, well intended. That means love also.... emotions.....you got a 'feeling'? what's the best way to express it? SING it right now. Taurus also rules the throat. - so with the Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees Taurus I am of the thought that OPERA singers are going to be in the news....maybe the funding of the voice gets a big gift. MAYBE you find your voice and get going on what it is that you wish to sing about (or paint or draw or any creation- baby making as well).....revisit 1994.  We are in -"play-it-again- sam'.........time. What happened then can have meaning now. Build on it.

Mars is in Taurus all the month of May. Get out in the fields and play around- enjoy the flowers, take in the simple joys of being alive. In truth-you don't need a lot of everything in life- just a enough LOVE.  This is the month to show it, make it, be it.  We always have a choice of seeing the love out there in the world- or being overwhelmed by the anger- the confusion of those that have no love inside. If you've got lots of love inside share it. Give the gift of LOVE.  It cost nothing and is worth everything. That loving feeling is what we are all after. Hang on to the love feeling- it will never devalue.

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