Sunday, March 31, 2013


Maintenance on the front lines

Its all about keeping the front line STRONG. Aries energy remains front and center for several more weeks. You can't be weak now. It won't work in the long run to be weak, but also you must not go stupidly into the good night-aka forget to use the breaks.  We have choices people!!! Rule yourself first and then you'll have the respect of others so you won't need to rule them. 

Figure out where you want to be. IF its not where you currently are- then start with a plan of how to get there (its not going to just switch to the next scene without your effort)~ and begin to work on it- now. Its not too early to jump start your life.

Its time to keep those wheels greased. Check the oil, make sure all things/*you*keep moving. The energy is all about moving. You can sit and stare at what you created when we get to the Taurus energy. That's not coming until mid-April. 

 AND THEN - the LUNAR Eclipse is coming - April 25th 12:57pm PDT. Shake up time! Who has what resources and how can we get some? (worldwide). What is emotional/material security for you? It will change. Sudden gains are not unlikely- however at what cost? (PLUTO TURNS RETROGRADE on the 12th- they will be hidden after that point). Everyone is going to be checking to see if the bank balance is looking better than before. I think its going to be getting better month by month here in the USA.  The Lunar Eclipse is going to trigger a need to  REALLY look at our DEBT situations. There are solutions, just slow in coming. No quick fixes here.

Eclipses in general bring to the headlines the issues that the signs they occur in represent. - This one is Scorpio Moon/ Taurus Sun.-  typically sex scandals scream out-but no one can really be shocked anymore by these. So what could STAND out- is how resources are used in ways to help the poor or those struck by disasters. THAT would SHOCK us- we are so used to only hearing the wasteful and greedy stories.

The compassionate heart of Taurus is always wanting to express itself.  Give it a chance to sing out the many ways that you can celebrate life. So many people are struggling its true- its always been a truth really. Parts of the world struggle in different ways. But we need to embrace this last bit of Aries energy with ACTION and then when we get to Taurus we can stop and reflect have we been kind? To ourselves? To others? Could we follow up on that choice to take our first music lesson? Can we jump in and explore love and romance after 60? Or after any fill in the blank reason.  Lunar Eclipse periods are a time when the kettle gets stirred and we can walk down a new path- the way is shown - CLEARLY- (or sometimes we are nudge in a big way).

So get your red slippers on AFTER you take off the crown, and get ready to skip down a new road that WILL lead you to your version of OZ.

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