Thursday, February 28, 2013


fishing for peace

What does everyone on earth want? Many just want PEACE. They wish for the chatter, worry, fear, shame, guilt, old stories of childhood lost, to stop.  And they can. You control the knobs. But in order to do this, one must get very very still, and fish for the silence.

Having just returned from my tenth trip to my teacher's abode in Southern India- I have found peace. I am shanti.  I caught the vibe of silence and centeredness is the result. You don't have to travel across the earth to find peace, but you do have to make time for it- turn off the soap opera dramas of the world, and tune into the channel of inner self. And now is a perfect time to try this- as FIVE planets are in the sign of Pisces!

Pisces is all about tuning out (or in) and finding what gives you a sense of belonging to the ONE. Why do you think so many Sun signs have a preference for mind altering substances? Because they long to 'chill' find that zone of 'other world'. I don't recommend artificial ways of getting there- I prefer the real deal way:

What is meditation? It is simply stilling the mind. Not so easy, but very simple. With consistent practice one can find the path. You can 'meditate' playing the guitar, (or any musical instrument) painting, woodcarving, doing yoga, (as breath is very much involved) and really doing anything that required one pointed concentration. You will find that you are in the meditative state when you - FORGET YOURSELF (the body) and find YOURSELF (the real self- the silence self) at the same time. And time dissolves. These are your clues. One must be steady in the practice, otherwise it will just be an exercise in frustration. You can't build a muscle by doing exercise every 'once and a while' and the same is with finding peace. The result of steady -(everyday) practice of  meditation is a calmer being, tuned in to what direction to take, and not so reactive to the ups and downs of the worldly life. So give it a try!

Another tool that I found in India was the remembrance of: GRATITUDE!  That you can walk down the street with both feet, have all your limbs, eat several times a day, have HOT WATER, heck HAVE CLEAN WATER! We  who live in the western world are so spoilt! The kicker is, most don't even know they have such a life of ease. You'd have to travel to a third world country to see what you have, that millions do not have, will not ever have, and yet manage to carve out a happy life.  Pisces is also about giving to those who need help. Its everywhere that you can help. You can help on a day to day basis by just giving someone your smile. Pisces energy is tied to the Christ mindset. - we are here to serve. Do what you can with what you have. And it sometimes starts with simply learning to serve, by loving yourself.  If you love yourself you'll share that love that you know you are, by just being who you are; if you haven't made peace with yourself and don't love who you are- well- get busy to create and make choices that will allow you to fall in LOVE with your very own being.

Mercury is retrograde- in the middle degrees of Pisces, until the 17th of March. Time like these we can clean out the closets. The ones with clothes and the ones with bad thoughts. Get rid of what isn't useful. Review what brings you a sense of wholeness. Dip into the waters that restore your soulfulness. And make a list of everyone you need to 'forgive' for being 'human'.  We also need to forgive ourselves for mistakes and wrong ways we've viewed our self and  life. Can I forgive myself for not being in the 9th grade while I was still in the first? What I am getting at is that we often have over expectations of what we 'should' or 'could' do - but in fact sometimes we aren't ready for that next big project! Or simply that we 'allowed' ourselves to gain that weight- or over shop, or spent the afternoon in gossip. Pisces actually loves to indulge a bit in all of those- when the lower energy is being used- it wishes to dissolve in over eating or over anything. If we find this to be true- just - STOP- take account, go to the source of WHY and forgive- make a new start.

The Pope has stepped down during this retrograde Mercury (and Saturn is also retrograde!) and who will fill his shoes? Um.... I don't know. I hope it will be someone with OPEN MINDEDNESS. Jupiter is still in Gemini- and that combo is about dialogue. Dual thought. Many options. We do need leaders who can be flexible, hear the flock, and also remember the first teaching of Christ: LOVE.  (no sub clause there- love only the one who is like you, etc)..... There are many paths to oneness- but they ALL have LOVE as a foundation. You can't 'be' a christian if you don't show (not tell) LOVE. And since the Pope represents the Christian flock- let us vote for a Pope that has LOVE in the mind, in the heart and in the actions.

And showing LOVE in the mid- to late part of March is going to take much heart action. We are coming into a period around Spring (19-22nd March) where- an explosion of energy is going to change the world. Gone will be the old ways. (old ways are fear and greed).  The path will be cleared- the dust won't settle for a while. If you are having trouble now adjusting to the challenges of life- best get centered so you can deal with what's coming down the pipe. BIG SHIFTS. EARTHQUAKES that are so big you can't even   believe them. Fear has no place in any of this- the best thing to do is GET CENTERED so you can respond and do what is needed when the shift happens. LIFE WILL AND DOES GO ON!  Learn how to watch the show. Its a movie just like the one in the theatre. Spend no time in fear and anger. Spend time in Faith and Surrender. Love and Compassion.

So dip your fishing rod in the wet and see what the deep waters give you and celebrate what you are given or not given, as both are a blessing.  Sometimes Divine gives us what we need instead of what we want and then we realize how very very LUCKY we are!

Happy Fishing.

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