Saturday, January 12, 2013


Set yourself free: who are you?

I was going to title this post- "why use astrology?"... then I changed my mind...the thought to go to a deeper topic came. We have so many planets in Capricorn right now-(Sun,Mercury,Venus,Pluto)that the 'worth' of anything can and should be looked at - and that leads me to - How do you give value to your life and your choices in life? and what role does or can astrology play in that?

Personally, I see the symbolism in the movement of the planets and how we can divert many troubles in life by paying attention to the stop,go,and yellow 'lights' that are shown in the transits. But can we save ourselves from feeling pain when we face the struggles in life and make choices that later we see aren't in our best interest? Are we suppose to? This boils down to the question of why we are even born-and take that even deeper, you come to - WHO IS BORN? WHO ARE "YOU"?

Astrology can tell us about our strengths and weakness and how to change our life by making our 'weakness' strong and honoring what we ARE good at. And leading us to accept our faults and not beat ourselves up when we step off path. There aren't really 'mistakes' in life- just 'lessons in learning to love more'... ourselves and others.

But can astrology lead us to the ultimate truth of who we are? Can astrology like yoga (union with god) lead us to freedom? What does it mean to be to be a prisoner?

We are a prisoner when we don't understand our own hearts. We are a prisoner when we stay in the mind thought that we don't have choices. We are a prisoner when we don't line up with what makes us SHINE WITH HAPPINESS. When we don't move toward the light but stay in the shadows complaining about our life but not moving (out of fear) toward what we really WANT our life to be about;then we are a prisoner of our own making. And that means you have to become your own best friend and ask yourself a lot of questions- and stop looking outside for happiness. Everyone wants happiness (contentment) but what brings that sense of contentment is different for everyone-and we can see that in the symbolism in the chart!

So here we are in a 'new' year- full of all sorts of MARVELOUS possible openings and paths- if you make the effort! You hold the lock and the KEY. It is of your own making on a soul level- a CHOICE was made at one point in your soul to have certain experiences and learn from them. If you want to 'understand' others- you must first start with yourself- do you really KNOW yourself? This is the moment to discover - what makes you move! Get your groove on and create the life YOU WANT if you are not happy with the direction that things are going in! Mars is the planet that rules ACTION- and in the chart- it rules how we go about getting what we want and think we need. As Mars moves around the birth chart it stirs up desires and give us the energy to 'make it happen'...

Right now Mars is in the sign of Aquarius, an air sign. The energy is about 'brotherhood of man' about the collective. Its placement in Aquarius is great for working with the abstract ideas and electronic, anything that furthers our 'progress' in a 'out of the box' way. Its placement there also is great for gather the TEAM. Many smart minds can work together to create forward thinking and the result can be good inventions and changes in the world that help the masses with this placement.

Mars moves into Pisces on Feb 2nd. And during this time the largest gathering of humanity on EARTH will be in motion. The MAHA KHUMBLA MELA- which takes place in Allahabad, India. And I am Going! Grace from the guru has manifested this dream for me- and lots of effort has been put forth (Mars) to get there. It is expected that up to 200 MILLION pilgrims will attend the festival of prayer over the two months. That's a lot of good MOJO! And the world needs it.

So in honor of this most amazing event and fact that I am attending this festival- I am running an astrology special this month. Readings looking at MARS in the birth chart- and how you can GET WHAT YOU WANT. We will look at the transit of Mars as it circles your birth chart all year- so that you can make 2013 a year in which one of your dreams comes true from your own efforts and energy- just like my dream to go to the Mela!

Contact me if you are interested in this kind of focused reading-(and only mars is looked at-no other charts- 70 mins-130.00) And if you wish to come along with me to the Mela- check out my other blog-

Also- if you didn't get enough shopping thrills for the holidays- here's my etsy shop that is funding this pilgrimage that happens only once every 12 years!

I am trying to be an example- by my own use of my Mars energy to show you all- you can dream- and then you can make that dream a reality.

But YOU do have to do it- So are you ready to be free?

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