Saturday, September 08, 2012


do the cat walk

Venus has entered the royal cat sign of LEO. Time to strut your stuff. Wear red, gold. Imagine that you are Queen or King. You rule. You make your own rules. Everyone steps aside when you enter the room; or better yet- they stand up. Unless you are in a culture that shows respect by going lower. Its in the shoulders back, head tall, and classic act~ of self confidence that you can win at the game of life now. Winning isn't everything. HOW you win is. For that matter how you lose- counts too. Tells us all about what you are inside. Venus in Leo, loves to be loved; And people love the one who loves himself/herself-because that's when they are really able to shine. You don't love another really until you have lots of love inside. This can take work, if you didn't get a lot of love early in life. But that's no excuse to not start loving the self. How to go forward? By giving what you want to get. Practice. And a little play acting. Next thing you know- LOVE reveals itself.

We just had a BLUE Moon- on Aug 31st- It was at 9 degrees Pisces. Blue Moons are when we have TWO full moons in the month. They are special. Pack a lot of energy. This one points to the order vs sloppy~ detail vs big picture~ speck of sand vs ocean... its a VIRGO/PISCES axis. Getting rid of the things in your life that are too much dreaming and not enough action. And or - too fussy, unable to have faith to launch the product. One more re-do syndrome. Unable to make the move to act on the plan. Get rid of the addictions- and help those less blessed by fortuna~ that's a great use of the energy.

Now, I am here to tell you, things in astrology and thus in life. happen in cycles. And this Full BLUE Moon of Aug 31 2012 is tied to the next one. Amazingly so.
What you START now- who you MEET NOW- what security you CRAVE now- is going to bear fruit (if you work at it) and come full circle by JULY 31st 2015.
WRITE that date down. Its truly an important sky mark. Books will be finished and ready for publication- if they are begin now- given lots of focus- and carefully flushed out- HUGE SUCCESS will come. Lover that you just met? In Three years- you'll be walking with rings on~ or sharing a home. Resources that you just investigated for long term investment- THREE YEARS.... pay off. Thinking of starting a non-profit or compassion/help for babies/women focused biz- it's three years of history that you need to get it funded by the big foundation in 2015. Here's the astro deal:

The blue moon chart has key planets : Moon-(women),Mercury(written work), Venus(female lover),north node (future),Sun (self)~ that line up almost to the degree with the next blue moon planets-Neptune (compassion org), Jupiter (publishing),Mars (Male lover),Juno(marriage),Saturn(long term). If you study astrology and you look up the charts- you'll instantly see the connection. If you don't you'll just have to make a note to get back to me in 2015 on the what happens now and how the ending that is really a beginning 2015 is tied to it. But clearly you have a choice. Do you build slowly so that it will last? And this is true of the words that flow as much as the heart that opens.

The Blue chip is coming back into fashion. Reason? SATURN MOVES INTO SCORPIO on OCT 6th 2012. Read up on Scorpio.

But today, Venus is in Leo.....until Oct 3rd you can woo the world with your feline walk, romantic talk, and the crown you wear and the heart you share~ will blind all with its light.

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