Tuesday, July 31, 2012


its a mind matter

What would you do if you didn't know worry? What would you do if you did?

And does it matter? Is it all in the mind, or does the mind create that which we dwell on- just like a computer does what the fingers tell it to? No one can control your thoughts but you- and with Mercury still retrograde- and on the eve of a full moon- they likely swing back and forth like hips on the dance floor. Best use of a mercury retrograde is to review your choices, and make new ones if need be. What I am getting at is- you are not powerless, and review is a good thing! Revamp your attitude and remodel your life.

July was a real fireworks show- with many people still in shock over the choices that some people made- that resulted in sudden change and forever loss. You didn't have to be in the movie theatre to feel that movie. It's a collective chance to take a deep review on how America (and thus Americans) are addicted to violence. It's peddled and pushed at an early age starting with the game art industry. So is it any wonder that after a life time of seeing insane violence on a screen, in REAL wars, on TV, etc, etc. that a person acts it out? Our political leaders push it- "no option on Iran is off the table"... they let suggestions of more bomb dropping slide out as if its an invitation to a dinner party. Our culture is so 'use' to this that we don't even stop to listen to what REALLY is being said! That is until we feel directly the result of so careless words. Now, is the time to be aware of words, the energy they carry, and how we wish to create a world of our making that is joyful and not filled with fear and anger.

We have so many planets retrograde- (still) Mercury, (mind) Uranus,(inventions)Neptune (dreams) Pluto (collective consciousness, the will)... so change your script if you don't like how the play is going! Do a re-write! And make the happy ending happen- make it a choice.

Air and fire are the strongest themes right now in the sky- with Venus and Jupiter in Gemini, Mars and Saturn in Libra, Sun, Mercury, and Uranus in fire. Air and Fire get along. Fire provides the energy, Air the ideas! Mercury turns direct on the 7th of Aug, and things should be ready to present to the world and or your family soon after. The new improved you (or your creation) can come out of hiding.

This is no small matter- this choice to shine- like the sun. Do you think the sun gets all worked up about what all the other planets are doing? No, it just rises to the occasion every single moment of its life- and you should too.
Time to rise and shine.

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