Saturday, June 30, 2012


The Summer of "LIGHTS, Camera, ACTION!"

The hour has arrived. The stage is set. The people know their lines, even though they may confess they do not. All that is needed is the director to say- "ACTION"....
And THAT was said by the cosmos on June 24th with the Uranus Sq Pluto transit. Contact. Electric vibe. Shivers down and UP the spine. The GUT KNOWING. The play of our higher mind's making is on its world(s) tour. 'Openings in our personal script' will be possible each and every time the Uranus sq Pluto transit is triggered by a faster moving planet. Like TODAY!!! The Sun is at 9 degrees Cancer, and ACTION is the name of the movie. Emotional action. WATER is the issue (Cancer is a water sign)- who controls it- how to have enough. With all the fires of the last few weeks (wasn't that a show of mega level?) its no wonder we now have to focus on water and food. Especially in America where we are about to celebrate our Independence from the Church of England and look at our dependence in new places. We don't like to think we are, but one word comes to mind: CHINA.

I'd rather speak on things we can work with on a personal level than political observation, so we'll skip the China owns us discourse.

Write these dates down:
June 30th- Sun at 9 Cancer- feed your soul not your anger.

July 3rd-Mars enters Libra What/Who are you hot for; go get it. (not just the food on the grill-ideas too!)What's worth fighting for? WHAT IS JUSTICE?

July 13th- Uranus stations retrograde- back peddle to a past dream-invention-and or friendship

July 14th- Mercury turns retrograde- re-think the decision of July 13th. And if you are traveling have plan 'b' and plan 'c'.

July 17-18th-19th- Mars sq Pluto, Mars opposition to Uranus, New Moon at 26 Cancer- Whatever 'choices' came around on the 3rd of July- they get a step back look right now. Don't pour cement until you make sure the ground is even- unless you like to walk on a raked (down)stage.

OK- enough of the step by step astrology details. I want you to live your life with awareness of the planets but not a check list of fear. AWARENESS is always the answer. Most people are checked out- into the future- or the past; with the head slightly bent forward looking into that little screen- so they aren't so keen on what is right there in the path. They aren't paying attention. We all need to pay attention in the month of July. Otherwise you might just miss your cue, miss your mark, and not be able to become the STAR that you know inside you are.

Happy Safe JULY !

*IF* you want to know how the Uranus sq Pluto transit is going 'open' up your world choices- you have to make an appt. for a personal reading and turn over some green to me- the wise astrologer; you will be paying me for my attention to these matters.

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