Thursday, March 29, 2012


a billion stars

underneath the surface of the sky, we just don't always cop up to it, or relate to it or are even aware of it. But be sure...a billion stars are flying about,throwing their influence... If you don't think the Sun and Moon (yes, I know they are 'lights and not really 'stars') just try gardening.But the question that begs to be answered is: how to make use of it? What 'makes' astrology useful to the masses? Let's address this.....

Right now, today- Mercury the messenger is retrograde. That means communications can be reviewed, rewritten, recalled, and revisited. It also means that you can ignore this period and just wonder why you have to re-do, repeat, and start over more often during the last three weeks. I am really one to see the practical side of things, and know nothing like direct experience can shift our thoughts and ideas. So note when mercury goes retrograde for the rest of the year- (July 14th-Aug 7th in the sign of Leo-13 degrees to the first degree; Nov 6th-Nov 26th:fourth degree of Sag to 18 Scorpio) See where it falls in your chart- if you don't know this- you'll have to paid an astrologer to find out. Not ever single retrograde cycle will hit you like a flying saucer. Thanks be to the Gods that figured out we can only handle so much chaos. It comes in cycles... some years you swear that you are the most unlucky person in the world; having to 'redo' EVERYTHING... purpose? Learning patience. Learning to re-do. Adjustment,and on the bright side- given a second chance.

Using our current retrograde cycle- we can clearly see astrology in action. James Cameron (filmmaker) just went to the deepest part of earth's ocean floor to get a look around. Check it out. This hasn't been done in 50 years. (revisited). As he was doing this, Mercury (short trips) was at 28 degrees Pisces. Pisces rules our Oceans. At that 28 degree its close to the end (30 degrees to a zodiac sign). His trip was less than 7 hrs, and yet I have no doubt it took a couple of life times to develop the courage to make it.

Cameron's natal moon placement is in Pisces at the later degrees! Perfect timing for a successful 'need' (moon rules what we MUST have) to be accomplished. He's a brave soul, and also driven by a need. I have no doubt he'll return again, and take us with us in some creative film project associated with the dive. So did he "just KNOW" the time was ripe? When we are tuned into our essence, yes, we can know good timing verses bad timing. Not all seeds planted grow, this is where astrology can aid us to know when to wait, when to dive into our dreams. Especially if we aren't sure. A hunch can be confirmed or let go, via the aid of a good astrologer and a correctly timed birth chart. Having exact or close to exact time of birth is a must to be spot on! You are either in Kansas or your not!

Our current Mercury retrograde cycle is continuing until April 4th (and even further if you count the 'shadow' period). It will re-enter ARIES on the 16th of April. ALL SYSTEMS GO! Spring really will feel like its sprung (in the Northern parts of earth)and when it gets to the seventh degree of Aries (which is the degree it turned retrograde at)you'll be safely out of its 'shadow'. That happens on the 23rd of April. Right around that time- it would of just slammed into Uranus (be aware of emotions that come like a tornado, and ideas of a invention and discoveries of just how strongly you are FOR something!) The conjunction is exact on Earth Day, so if you are sick and tired of all this war talk, get out and pour the energy into birthing something on the earth that can feed your soul.

The new moon in the first degree of Taurus is on the 21st, so we really have a powerful EARTH DAY weekend! Get involved with how you wish for our mother to be cared for. Celebrate that in spite of all that we pound her with, she so far, keeps on giving us a home. You wouldn't trash your living room~ (if you have any awareness) and so we can use this time to clean up our attitudes about the place we all call home. Love her!

On the 14th of April MARS (action) will be moving forward as well. Its been in retrograde since Nov of 2011. So this truly is the month of Spring cleaning and making your physical and inner home sparkle like the billion stars above you!

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