Saturday, October 15, 2011


Big Ben; Who has enough?

It's about having enough. And what is enough? Well, when Jupiter (expanding/beliefs/education)is traveling through the sign Taurus(money/comforts/art/banking)~{ and it is currently retrograde}~ everyone has a chance to review what is ENOUGH. And just how do we judge? By having food, by having shelter, by being able to 'buy' comforts? Actually it goes beyond that.

The wheel has to keep turning and it will. How does it turn? I go to school to learn how to make a product that you will buy or learn a skill that you will hire me to implement. The school employees people to teach, thus charges a fee, shares that fee with the teachers and whoever is needed to carry out the goal of education to others so that they can feed/shelter/and buy things they want and might need in this life. When it goes crazy out of balance, like the school taking 50 percent of the fee to pay the president, or the company heads needing ** MORE THAN ENOUGH** WAY MORE THAN ENOUGH- it all gets out of balance.

Its called GREED.

What is happening now in the world, is that the common day people who keep the machine going- have become rusted. They are screaming "BUSTED" (like the B52's song!!) because they are locked in to NOT HAVING ENOUGH. This is when change is forced. And it won't be without blood. Because everyone takes BIG BEN very very seriously when Jupiter is in Taurus. Especially Americans. We are all about the MONEY. And if you think its about "FREEDOMS" and EVERYONE BEING EQUAL......well, just check out your recent bank statement 'changes'.

The REVIEW is in full swing and it will be until CHRISTMAS DAY. Yep. The biggest commercial holiday in America, and the day that Jupiter turns direct- @ 2:09 pm PST. This year, Christmas might actually be about Christ's teachings! And he was no passive dude. Even he had a temper tantrum now and then to remind the GREEDY how ugly GREED is.

And while Jupiter is in Taurus everyone wants to be seen as beautiful. So that means there is hope. But first comes the revolution. So get your weapons: your voice, your pen, your ideas of how change should come about, and not just be a campaign slogan. Get involved. Scorpio energy is building and Scorpio does battle the smart way, behind the scenes and with correct timing to have the most effect. They withhold. You need me? (or my vote, my service, my advice, my trust,my resources, etc) well then, best be on the side of integrity or you are not getting it! That is what Scorpio says. And its written in stone. That is why the protesters on Wall Street aren't going anywhere-but deeper. Unmovable. Ever try to stop a wall of water coming at you? Listen up Washington: The umbrella of pretense will not work anymore.

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