Tuesday, August 30, 2011


fix it, work it, serve it.

We are in VIRGO energy now. The details matter and at the same time they don't. You can add all the correct ingredients, but it doesn't always have to be EXACT measurements for it to still taste good. Those that are perfectionist at heart will go into over drive for the next few weeks. Workin' it, re-workin' it, finding faults, keeping busy trying to figure out the path to perfectville. It's a state of mind, not a city. You can live there but to stay sane you really should only visit once and a while.

We have so much earth energy in the sky right now~ It's an empire in waiting up there in the cosmos. Sun and Venus in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. Soon Mercury will join up and the PR machine for the best way to have 'lasting improvements' will get into high gear. It truly is the fix it up month. The body, the house, the brain, the pet; Serve high tea with cucumber sandwiches and discuss politely what needs to be 'fixed' in order to function at its highest possible potential. Be it the partnership or the front door.

This energy is PERFECT for getting the east coast back in working order! It's also an excellent time to review the belief system ~ what was Mother Earth trying to tell you? Jupiter is retrograde now for several months, and Jupiter rules higher education and beliefs. Being retrograde in Taurus we might get some major feedback from students about the high cost of education these days. Or the process of getting a student loan might go through some thick red tape. I still think the Queen is pondering early retirement, (especially after the recent tantrums from the young people). Jupiter will cross over her SUN and Charles's Moon- this Fall. Maybe an announcement of a perfect baby coming to the Royal Castle! That would be one pretty baby, Catherine and William are lovely to look at and they have a steadiness about them that is warm to watch.

The music scene is bound to be flooded with 'tours' of bands from the way past reuniting just for the sake of making money! Jupiter in Taurus is all about the music money making ways, and with it retro for several months and people still having more free time than they are comfortable with it would be a welcomed thing. Why not slide back into a place in time when life seemed easier~ even if it was just as much maya then as there is now? Pick up that guitar and give it a go again- even if you weren't once famous- you can still use this current energy to satisfy a dream. We all can't get paid to make music but we all can make it.

The entire month is a much needed slow down and time to enjoy the simple things in life; like perfect pie, gentle melodies, and making things that last longer than the warranty.

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