Friday, June 10, 2011



The Lunar Eclipse is upon us- June 15th. 24 degrees of Sag.
Sag is about the big mind. And foreign languages. The language we need to speak now is love. It needs no translation; it is known universally. This eclipse is about changing the way we think of the world; Its one entire family. We are not separate or even distant cousins! No! The world's wealth is tied to communications. As this Eclipse is in the axis of Sag/Gemini. Being able to see/believe in the Global Family-oneness is possible. It might be a challenge at times, with all this 'my faith' vs 'your faith' going on....but you can change that. The Sun and Moon don't say I will only shed light on this or that we must expand like this.

We have a chance to stop the petty thoughts of separateness from one another. What is good for our neighbor, must be good for the world, in order to be of benefit.Otherwise, the vision is limited. Communications have made us aware of how tied we are to one another. Nothing is a bubble anymore. Something happens on one side of the globe and we know it in two seconds!

Difference of faith are for the small minded~ There is only ONE. And that one is LOVE. Jupiter is in Taurus now, and Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sag, the sign of this Lunar Eclipse. Asking that we be big in love.


No, I am not a hippie. I am thinking in a vast way. That is the wealth of Jupiter in Taurus! If you can't have a dialogue of love, then just be silent! In the silence one can discover the the universal truth of BROAD-MINDEDNESS. Its your helper now. It is only through expanded heart and mind that we can welcome thoughts that differ from your own. As long as no harm is caused we should try to push further to understand others.

Also with this Lunar Eclipse we will see that fire, wind and earth do a dance with the food that is needed. Some crops will be lost. Food growing and its challenges come up for all to see. Do share your six course meal, if you see that another- is starving! Give in what way you can, even if it is just a prayer for those that have meet with earth disasters. The more you give from the heart, the more you see the sameness in all, the higher you go,and everyone knows better view from higher ground!But the best giving now is that of OPEN-MINDEDNESS. Why stay in the first grade? Graduate a bit now. Sag is also all about learning.

I saw the BIG DIPPER from the airplane on the way to spoke to me:

"Dip into the Universal truths of existence and you shall never be thirsty".

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