Sunday, December 19, 2010


Stay Observant

Wacky Week. That's what its going to be. Can't help but be that. With a total Lunar Eclipse at the last degree of Gemini,Winter Solstice~(the sun at zero Capricorn- critical degree)mercury still retrograde and conjunct the Lunar eclipse sun, AND its Christmas! Basically, you have what just in of itself can be a stressful time for many, (holiday expectations takes its toil on all) during a week of bi-polar level change, astrology wise. FLEXIBLE MIND will help to not have Tsunami wave moods. Watch your 're-actions' like a hawk does its prey and you'll come out much happier.

I expect in the news big crossing overs in the world of communications. Some unexpected. Whatever the 'sign' the eclipse happens in usually reflects that in the headlines. So since Gemini rules over all communications: story-tellers, thinkers of our time, the twins, journalist, those things/people that would cause Universal reaction- tend to become big news during the eclipse window. (three days before, 10 days after). In a way we've already seen this with the Wikileaks. Its very much about how communications can change the entire world's perspective. That's what eclipses do; the energy gives us a chance to shift the view, open the mind, body and soul. Sometimes by force. World weather changes during these periods, to extremes. People born during the months of Gemini, and Sag Sun periods are going to feel this need for acceptance and embracing a new life more than others. If you have personal planets at the 27-30 degree of Pisces,Virgo,Gemini,or Sag, know that the 'world will be churning' for you! Make Butter!

Its a finishing up cycle and a start anew moment on the 21st. Celebrate accordingly! Allow yourself to change your mind,pov,clothes,habits,and goals,(even travel plans!) during this,the last weeks of 2010.

Mercury stations direct on the 30th of Dec. That happens to be Tiger Woods birthday. Perhaps in 2011 he'll get his game back. The public loves a winner. And I think some part of us all,knows Divine is in our corner, cheering us on, despite our failures, or setbacks.

Raise your glasses high and toast yourself, if you are reading this, you made it through 2010, and that's no small feat. Its been a hell of a year, but you made it, therefore, the glass is half full.

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