Thursday, November 04, 2010


And the BEAT goes on!

And the beat does go on................

Yes, it does. All that SCORPIO. Its still with us. Attractions, and mysteries, paying the debt down, gaining some power, transforming the self. That's what its about right now.

However, I ask you to step back into the past. Oct 8th. That's the day Venus went retrograde. And tomorrow- the 5th of Nov. we have a New Moon in Scorpio, on that same degree of the turn around~ 13 Scorpio. Its still all about love, baby! But inter laced with: depth, seeing the hidden agenda, understanding the unseen push for wholeness. That's really what Scorpio wants. DISSOLVING INTO WHOLE BEING. With another, with the self, and of course with Divine. Truth. Ultimately it is about TRUTH. Gimmie some TRUTH John Lennon sang, and Sonny and Cher are saying (singing) the same thing in a different tune~ its about that which keeps us going. No one more than Scorpio wants to understand the cycle of birth/death.

The recent mid-term elections in America presents to us all this birth/death cycle. And the fight for power. Since we still have planets in Scorpio (Sun, Mercury, Venus) for a wee bit longer, best to use the energy to transform the self- and use 'power' in the form of willpower. Get rid of what holds you back from truth. YOUR TRUTH. This time of the year is when we go inward with the spotlight. Check the corners of your mind and soul for the cobwebs, clear them out!

Get ready to add to your wishbone collection, the time of giving thanks is almost upon us. And seeing what you have instead of what you don't is what its all about.

photocredit: parker ~c. 2010

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