Wednesday, September 29, 2010


what is love?

Let's talk about love. What it is. What it isn't and why its so important to tune into the meaning of love for the month of October.

Love isn't SEX. Often though,sexual 'attraction' is confused to BE love.

Physical intimacies CAN be an expression of LOVE, but they aren't in of themselves LOVE.

I am clarifying this because the love of a passionate nature is up for review, intense review, as Venus (love, what we love, how we love) turns retrograde in the sign of Scorpio (love as a thing to possess) on Oct.8th. Venus will stay retrograde (review, reunion,regrets of lost love) until Nov. 18th. So the homework of the next couple of months is to watch how we are in love. And to do that, we have to understand how we love in the first place, and WHAT it means to be in love. Or rather: TO BE LOVE. As in: 'it is our very nature'~ love. We are that which we seek, but think it is 'outside of us' 'in another'. That is the mirror of love.

If that weren't enough alone to make us a bit retrospective, we have transiting MARS in Scorpio (where it's very happy to be) co-joining the dark lady in the skies in an exact union on Sunday, Oct 3rd at 13 degrees Scorpio (a crisis degree). So those who have only discovered the PASSION of love, will be creating their high dramas. It will be thrilling. But not without complications.

We miss this great chance to develop a profound awareness of the depths that love can take us, and the various forms it comes in, if we chose to only think about our body/mind needs. Or like the junkie our fix. Love does 'fix' things, but not in the way a drug works. With REAL love there is a dissolving of the ego self and the 'needs' of the self, where, to see the beloved suffer, causes oneself to suffer, to see the beloved happy, creates sheer happiness in oneself, because there is no "you" and "me" there is just LOVE. This is a higher kind of love, and way more lasting than a one minute climactic sensation. This is why the spiritual masters have always pointed to BEING LOVE. Can you imagine if you stayed in an orgasmic moment for 24 hrs a day? Yet, to "be" in the utter dissolvement of universal divine love-bliss is the state of those who have 'realized the self'. They don't even THINK about their bodies anymore! They just ARE love, and that energy force is flowing out of every single pour in their body to EVERY living thing! Not, a thought of "oh, I love you 'cause you did what I wanted, or I love you because you love me, or I love you because you fit the description of what makes my heart race, or I love you because we share blood, or I love you because I am SUPPOSE to. No, none of this. That's selective love. I am talking about something WAY WAY BEYOND that. Way past the planet of Pluto. I am OUT THERE with this "LOVE" lecture.


If you don't, you can. Its there for you just waiting longing to be discovered. And it takes courage and maturity to grasp it. That's where Saturn comes in. Saturn is the grandfather wise. He's currently traveling through the zodiac sign of Libra. And he's asking you to define grown up love. AKA- Commitment to love. Not one night stands, long haul love. Learning to get along love. Justice and fairness in love, being an EQUAL.

Not everyone is ready for this. To them it will seem that love is unfair, demanding and way too much work. And it is all that, but we show up anyhow, and we long for it. Some part of us always wants to do the right thing. Be responsible. And we keep repeating patterns until we figure that out. Its like staying in the 3rd grade until division finally is understood. But then there is another part of us that will want the excitement of love triangles, to be left, to not honor our higher self, to confuse excitement and lust with love and that will be our movie for as long as we need it to be, until we suffer or just get bored and realize that we've been eating junk food and we crave the real b12 kind of nourishment. You pick your journey. The planets don't make things happen, people do. The planets just point the way and set the tone.

The new moon in Libra on Oct 7th,at 14 degrees is KEY. It occurs the day before Venus retrogrades. All of this is pointing to some very defining moments in your life, about the placement and meaning of love and partnership. We are in partnership with the everything. When we drive on the freeway we are in partnership with everyone else on that road saying we will pay attention, not get distracted and cause a wreck. We have to pass tests to be 'allowed' to drive on the freeway. Love also gives us many tests. But these kind of tests that love gives can only be prepared for by living in love.

So live in love.

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