Sunday, August 29, 2010



TODAY Mars (in Libra) is at the same degree of the Solar Eclipse point of July 11th. It is square to that point, and thus is a 'trigger' for events, ideas, and promises stirred up with that super-powerful new moon eclipse. The gig is- it will challenge you to prove what ideas, choices, promises that surfaced with the SE are valid to your true aims in life. So get out the check list and see how many have been met, how many have been crossed off, and what you need to do to "make it happen". This includes what people,tools,emotions,legal agreements and family members co-operation are needed or not need (hence, in the way of your progress) to reach the goal.

Many a tie will end now. And many a marriage will take place in haste. Baby making will be happening and it will be a SHOCK of success! (wow, I was sure I used protection- guess it didn't work!). Btw there are many different kinds of "babies". Creations will be of all forms and not just human.

The American dream is being reviewed- it now has zoned down to mean: having BALANCE and FOOD on the table! (the eclipse in July highlighted our country's changing status). Real estate? Deals of the century can be found now if you have the cash.

On Sept 8th Jupiter (the big guy in the sky) retreats back into Pisces. Water issues will resume. I expect a big bad hurricane season, and also some relief can be found in having a belief system that you can call on. I am talking the 'spiritual kind'. Inner 'knowing' will also arrive to help you with the big choices many will be faced with in the month of Sept. There will be a 'release' of sort from all the built up steam. But I wouldn't relax for too long.

The full moon of Sept 23rd, also called "HARVEST MOON" is a dozy. It is at the zero Aries point. It will bring back Darth Vader for kicking some butt. So don't take your armor off, and keep the sword near by, some fighting is going to be going on and blood will be involved.

The good news is: While mercury is retrograde (until the 12th of Sept) we can make a plan B and PLAN C.

Surely one of those darts will hit the center point and as the masters say: "Life is a game, play it!"

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