Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Rock Hard Times and Fencing

If you watched the entire Video, and still have the energy to read the astrology news, then you've got the right attitude: Soldier ON!

This week July 29th @ 4:46 pm (PDT) Mars will ingress into Libra. When the 'me' planet moves into the "we" sign things get "interestingly complex". Only because this isn't just any normal transit of Mars shifting gears. That movement into the cardinal sign (action) will trigger the t-square energy of Pluto (death) squaring Uranus-Jupiter (I won! but wow-its not what I believed winning would be) and also squaring Saturn (whatcha going to do with those winnings?~ Don't forget the tax man) add Mars to the list and basically you begin to feel like gumby with everyone pulling at you wanting a little bit more, when you have zero left to give.

I would say take a time out- but this will not be possible for another month.


A bit like Sword play it is! Balance is needed and the mind must be fully awake or you just might get stabbed. A healthy dose of competitive spirit will help you to fight off those demons that tell you its all going to be wiped away in one second. Actually it might be; but not to fret because the Uranus-Jupiter marriage promises something new is here-in the NOW.

On the 31st of July Mars and Saturn meet up in Libra. And this is the dance that will take place:


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