Sunday, June 20, 2010



Exact time of the Solstice: 21 June 2010 - 4:28:12am. PDT.

The recipe for the next three months is as follows (in any order):

Be nice. Manners matter. No one is getting what they want right now, so no tears, unless you are an actor/actress and just want attention. Then practice on the maxy-drama techniques. You'll have lots of competition. Staying still is not an option unless you are a mound of compost and even that is going to start its own fire. The belly is HOT right now, and since the belly is the center of our "chi" its a very productive time! Again- no tears, they won't help. No one cares, coz EVERYONE is dealing with big stuff now. ITS ALL BIG STUFF. Back to the order: find a plan and stick to it. learn from your mis-steps and make them part of the creation. no crying. What is gone is gone. Build from the ashes and move on. If you refuse the only thing that will happen is you will be inhaling soot and your boots will get dirty.

Its not all gloom and doom; its just CHANGE. Not the coins in the pocket type yet, but if you MOVE and accept that we have a new paradigm happening then you actually can create some bills to go with that sound of coins rubbing against each other! Ah, this brings me to the next important part: RELATIONSHIPS that rub us the wrong/right way! The Solstice chart is the Sun at ZERO cancer. The moon is @ the last degree of Libra. That means the energy for the next three months is about partnerships,how we co-create, bring harmony to our world with justice and balance. Some relationships will end in the form that they have been, people leave; literally and figurative. Let them go. Any thing you try to hold on to will just stall the birthing of the new. Always labor pains before the baby!

The Lunar Eclipse (full moon with sunglasses on) is triggering a cardinal cross, aka big daddy and big mommy are in town and can't be ignored. This Lunar Eclipse happens on June 26Th at 4:30 am - PDT. On a global/Mundane level mother earth will be doing some belly dancing, hip shaking. Who/what is your security? Who depends (demands) that you act /be a certain way? You'll rebel to any restrictions and won't be bossed around, so we will see many 'shocking' departures in the next 2 weeks and two months. America is going through an identity crisis and its tied up with corporations that we've slept with, who do not hold OUR best interests at heart. It works both ways. Lots of KARMA (action-reaction) is going to be played out for all the world to see. Should be a dazzling show. Followed by the TOTAL Solar eclipse on July 11Th, which will highlight our country. New starts, new partnerships, the baby has been born and now we have to figure out how to take care of it, feed it, protect it, and make it strong.

I leave you with some wise words from Bob Marley:

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