Monday, March 22, 2010



Its that time of the year when one just has to act. Should act, will feel the over riding desire to jump *scream* shout and get on with it already.

The air is filled with fresh energy of sprouting buds and a move-move-move vibration. The earth is always moving, but currently we are aware that we too need to move to be in sync.

March 20th brought us the Ingress of the Sun @ Zero Aries. Its a highly charged this year because the Sun is also in mutual reception with transiting Mars. Not unlike eating a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting in a editable chocolate dish. No its not about food- the point being- its a triple dose of the same thing- Aries/Mars/ Move the mountain NOW! energy.

Three dates to keep in mind: June 5th, Sept 8th, and Jan 22nd 2011.

Jupiter will be at zero Aries on those dates- and since the Sun just activated that point- what you 'start' right now will have markers of progress/changes during those time frames. You can bet the few days before and after those dates are also trigger points, so don't get too zoomed in, pull back a bit to see opportunities for change around those times- self inflicted or thrust upon you. Emotions won't be neutral. The Ingress of Uranus into Aries will JOIN Jupiter- and on June 5th the MOON is at that point as some shock waves are coming. They will be welcomed. Starting over is not a bad thing. We are constantly changing- growing, (aka aging) but just aren't always aware of it. The cosmos now is pointing a big spot light for us to see where we should be BRAVE and plant our goals, even with little or no experience.

On March 23rd we have a quarter moon that includes Venus @ 19 Aries. That's the same degree as the upcoming Solar Eclipse in July. So it too is a trigger date of BIG changes to come. Notice what goes on with your money, heart, tastes- and how its connected to your security. In the USA - we are about to launch into a discussion about BANKING. Now that heath care has had its 'theatrical run' the money issues are going to be in 'rehearsal'. Its all a play- sit back and enjoy as best you can. That is also an Earthquake signature. California is due- over due- and the EQ energy is still building- but I don't think it will be as bad as we've seen elsewhere- just a wake-up shaker, in case you forgot that we get them too. Venus is Aries is very much about how much WAR cost. We'll be looking at that too. Have to. On a personal level decide what battles are worth pulling out the weapons for. Impulsive love is also on the horizon. Libra and Taurus people are subject to 'sudden love'. That's not just with people. Places, vocations, etc. apply to the love at first site- even cities!

On April 7th Saturn Ingress back into picky Virgo- so food preparation, the earth, workers comp, big unions- they will all be in the news. Its great for house cleaning. So if your the procrastinator type- begin your Spring cleaning then and see how thorough you can be!

We are in the beginning phase of revolutionary energy forces, so grab a flexible mind set, so that you can enjoy the lift!

The desire to reach for the sky runs deep in our human psyche. ~Cesar Pelli

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