Friday, February 26, 2010



Do you know how to be a dream weaver?

No, I am not talking about using the software. Click below.

We are approaching the full moon in Virgo. Details. Craftsmanship. The ability to execute the PLAN. Moon in Virgo is zoomed in picky. Its full @ 10 Virgo on the 28th @ 8:38 pm PST. The SUN is of course at the opposite point. (10 Pisces for those who've never looked upward at the shinning sky for answers). Pisces is about IMAGINATION. DREAMTIME. FANTASY. SPIRIT. THE UNSEEN ABSOULT THAT FUELS US ALL.

Why the caps? Coz, with so much focus on the tiny, you might not see the trees unless I scream a bit.

Its magic time. It might not seem so, if you are in super critical mode. But if you can step back and chill a bit, you'll be able to see how very perfect it all really is without actually being perfect. Pisces is the compassion energy that helps us forget the mistakes that we all make here on school of earth. Tap into that energy this full moon and you'll be making a head start. Improvements will come not from pointing out what's wrong, but in accepting what is right. Self acceptance is the most important first step.

You know, that : "forgive them for they know not what they do."

More good news: Mars FINALLY moves out of the retrograde period its been in since Dec. 20th. We are in the home stretch of the retrograde period. On March 10th @ 9:09 am Mars stations direct. Hallelujah!!! All systems GO! Green light! The days before and after the station date are very sensitive, so be extra aware of how you use your energy force. Its going to be a loaded cannon of inspiration, but also the release of pent of energy that's caused from being blocked since before Christmas.

Venus enters Aries, and Mars going forward says- " I LOVE YOU NOW!" Who cares if I don't know your name? I LOVE YOU! I must have you! Let's go play!!! Its really a fun time for those who are into falling into love; or falling into bed.
So passionate love will be starting before spring this year. Its because for the last four months Mars has been held @ bay, delayed, and frustrated, now the light is turning green.

The week of St. Patrick's Day begins with a New Moon @ 25 Pisces and is conjunct both Mercury (ideas) and Urnaus (inventions). Suprise engagements/mergers. Unexpected pay offs. BIG WATER. Changes in travel over the liquid world. Ride the wave of magic all the month of March, weave in and out those dreams you have into the everyday.

This is how dreams are made real: Alchemy.

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