Tuesday, January 26, 2010



There comes a time in life when you have to fight for what you believe in. That time is this week!

We have many a face-off happening in the sky. Venus (female) is about to oppose Mars (male)in the Aquarius/Leo axis. Just as likely as a tiff with your loved one, is a screaming match in congress over "what is good for humanity" vs "what is good for the individual" If that were the only thing happening this week, we could just channel the energy into a cause, have a few loud words and then make romantic peace. But, that is not ALL that is going on. MUCH MUCH MORE stirs the big pot of boiling water this week......

There's the full Moon in Leo on the 29th to set the tone, of opposition to an idea/ideal. That full moon is repeating the theme of the Venus/Mars opposition that is exact TONIGHT @ 9:29 pm PST...... so mark your spot of "I beg to differ"- coz its going to come up again on the 29th, but with a bigger voice. Drama Queens are going to be center stage for the weekend and the next two weeks. If you're in the acting biz it could be a big break! (the good kind). And for the non-thespian crowd, the other kind of break- as in leg, or break-off, end of the deal, the last straw, I am outta here........you get my drift. If that was ALL going on, it would just be performance of the high end.......but MUCH MUCH MUCH more is going on! (that's not a typo I am repeating myself for DRAMA).

The 31st of Jan is the last day of the month and the 2nd duel of SATURN VS PLUTO. IF you know anything thing about those two, your eyes just got wide and the chin is meeting the chest. YES, I am serious. IT IS SERIOUS when these two trouble makers sq off. They are the 'heavy weights' of astrology. They both "hold no prisoners" they both make you pay when you screw up, and they both have long long memories if you cross them. The planets have personalities? Well, not exactly. They are energy forces to be used for the higher road or the lower. That's where we come in. Our free will. As above so below- is happening. So when these two are "TENSE" we are likely to tap into that "tense" energy. The higher we are in our awareness the more likely we are to react to the energy in a positive way. But those lower chakra beings amongst us like to make trouble, so they go for the darker expression of Saturn VS Pluto- which is a duel to the death; without giving one iota of an inch. Just watch CONGRESS in the USA this week. Obama can give all the "Speeches of a lifetime" he wants, this war won't be won with WORDS.

My suggestions: This week and the follow one- hang out with people who see 'it' (whatever 'it' is ) like you do. Do not, I repeat: DO NOT PUSH THE Envelope. It will backfire. "BUT, ----- you said: "fight for what you believe in".......yes, I did. However, there is a sub-clause to that. And this is it- do so out of the range of those that could cause you harm. Get to work on what you believe in- but don't OPPOSE the energy- focus on what you wish to create! BUILD, and build with flair, and good quality tools, and with deep forever passion, and steadfastness, but don't get caught up in using your energy to defend an idea/ideal/relationship/project/passion- use the energy to move forward with or without everyone's support. That's called 'working with what is'. TRAIN your body and mind to be strong in intention towards something you believe in.

We will be very tempted to spend time getting defensive, and unless your are being physically attacked that not good use of the energy. Even the martial arts masters will tell you- "if you can run out of harms way instead of fighting, "RUN"......

So get ready to RUN. I hope you are in shape.

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