Friday, November 27, 2009


I am KING! Don't you forget it.

Mars ingressed into Leo (kingship) on Oct. 16. Did you 'feel' it?

Sudden symptoms of feeling it would be: urge to get one's due, feelings of owning more than you do, and drama, drama and more drama suddenly holding sway over your actions. Ah, but you aren't a theatre major, never had a desire to be in the spotlight, and really are happy as a commoner. So you say. But I know differently.

Mars is all about action. How we go about exercising (literally) our right to get what we want, when we want it, how we want it. Doesn't matter if the desired goal is to be first in line at the black Friday sale, or just being allowed to sleep in past 12 noon. When Mars is in the royal sign of Leo- its all about being top dog. Or at the very least pretending you are. We are all actors on this world stage for the next six months as Mars hangs out in the King/Queen sign.
Its also the zodiac sign that rules kids. We all need to be playful in life and Leo teaches us how. And if someone steals (or even borrows) our toys while mars is in Leo boy will we let out a YELL, and snatch it right back. Everyone is a two year old right now or a 500 lb LION/LIONESS. Unless, of course you are so secure in your post as "ruler" then you'll just watch the performances in front of you.

Where you have the sign LEO in your chart is the area that is going to become more active for you until JUNE 6th 2010. Write that date down. That's more than six months away. Plenty of time to rehearse and perfect your royal status, and creative expression of your choice. When Mars ingresses into VIRGO- (on June 6th 2010) you will be expected to be PERFECT at whatever the goal was. But for now- you can carry on as if you are King/Queen and it matters not what those beneath you think, and everyone is below your eye level right now- coz the perspective is colored by - yes----- I will say again: LEO (aka -me-me-me- Did I mention me?).

Now, I must give you some very important information. On Dec. 20th 2009 MARS in LEO will turn retrograde. (Yes- I KNOW the planets REALLY don't go backwards- but they "appear" to from our vantage point. AND yes- you should take my advice- because I am ASTRO- QUEEN).

When the planet of action turns retrograde it means- our anger, libido, creative drive, and urges work best first going through our "filter" of think first- act second". In other words- curb your actions long enough to consider if they are wise. REVIEW what you are about to do - before you do it. Even Kings and Queens of the past consulted astrologers before riding off screaming into battle. ( BTW- I do give personal reading for a price. Email me if you want me to be your filter of advice).

Mars will stay retrograde until March 10th. All the "re's" apply. Redo anything that you feel passionate about. Re-declare your love for another, thing, life path, etc. Do what brings light into your life. And if you don't know what that is, get busy looking for it. With just a little effort you'll find what makes you smile. Leo energy is about the 'heart' energy- what brings meaning to your life? That is the question to ask yourself right now. To engage with all your might that which is your sunshine.

Those born with the Sun in Leo have a very special period happening- it is really a dynamic time for you to get going and not stop until June. Because Mars 'energizes' your Sun it can be an especially fruitful period- don't waste it because this won't come around again ( Mars in Leo) until Sept 2011.

Go out there and gather wood to light the fire of passion, it will burn as long as you feed it the fuel of courage, truthfulness, and loyal energy to thy true self, the divine self, where we are all Kings and Queens.

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