Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Saturn : Wardrobe Change!

The lady wears the pants. Saturn is moving into "Libra" on Oct 29th 2009 @ 10:09 am PDT.

This is a huge shift of energy and direction in how we create boundaries, what we do to stay stable, secure and most of all what marriage, justice and perfect teeth mean to us.

Perfect teeth you ask? Well- let me explain- Saturn rules - the "rules we live by" and the bones, our teeth, our skeleton structure. Heck- it governs over all the structures that are needed to create a foundation that we can build on. When Saturn shifts into a new sign it colors the way we use the Saturn principles. Think of it as a new adjective. And Libra is all about being pretty, looking one's best.
Saturn= teeth.

But in truth Saturn's going to be causing a lot more things to shift- not just our focus on how nice our smile is. Actually in the first months of its ingress I doubt people are going to be smiling very much at all.

Saturn is a toughie. It makes us strong, points out the area we need to "get a grip". And if we don't it sure makes us wish we had, because we WILL SUFFER the consequences of bad planning, irresponsibility, and just plane immaturity.
Saturn is the meter maid you see. IF we put the correct coins in, she smiles, if not we get a ticket.

Everyone can grow. And Saturn is here to teach us the way to build a muscle we currently don't have. Each time it changes signs it highlights the area that the sign is concerned with. For the last two years Saturn has been traveling through VIRGO. So-- we saw in the headlines much about tainted food- remember all those spinach ecoli break outs? How suddenly being a vegetarian wasn't good enough to protect the health? Mad cow had morph over into the garden patch. So new guidelines had to be set for farmers- etc. Get it? That's how it works with Saturn- the weak link will be pointed out. Make the changes and the result is a better world. Virgo is about - Health, Employment, how you grow food. So during the period of Saturn hanging out in Virgo we saw a return to not being employed- (Saturn sometimes LIMITS was is) and front yard gardens! And the "rules" for getting unemployment being revised to meet the new situations.

Ok- so fast forward to now-- As Saturn has a change in focus- we all will become very aware of WHAT marriage is. Think the gay issue of marriage (pun intended) is going away? No- its going to heat up like grandma's gas stove in the next 2.5 years. But by the end of Saturn's journey though Libra - there will be new rules set in cement on who can marry who and what is justice. And everyone is going to be examining what commitment and marriage is to them. How one is in ALL marriages- business and love. What choices we have made and why. And really what does it MEAN to be married?

Libra is very girly, but you'll see more and more women working there way to the top. My hope for a female president might get resurrected after all. We will have to wait and see about that, but in the profession fields women will climb to the top. They won't be happy with less than equal anymore. No Sir- things are going to change. Second class citizen won't do. And especially in countries where they aren't even allowed to drive. Give me a break! (pun intended - Saturn is THE BRAKE).

So much more to share-on Saturn's entry into a new sign- but this will have to do for now.

Just mark your calendar - Nov 15th is when Saturn will first Sq Pluto- and its going to be ugly. Wish I could say that Libra's need for beauty will overcome Pluto's need for wiping out what's not needed or wanted- but in this stand off -the velvet glove is going to get dirty, and the dry cleaners aren't open 24/7. So we will have a period of looking at how 'power control' can make us look ugly. And the need to overcome our insecurity can't be found in violence.

Some lessons are hard taught- and Saturn is going to teach us well.

Stand tall, shoulders back, and smile- no matter the shape of your teeth, the food you chew doesn't care. Substance over packaging is what counts now. That's the test.

Study hard.

P.S. Blessed Samhain- those that have crossed over are ever with~chat away!

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