Saturday, July 18, 2009



THIS is the week that will have us all morphing into various roles we never thought we'd assume.

Not only is a Major Solar Eclipse happening on Tues the 21st- (that alone is enough to UN-glue you)........In addition to that, Venus is moving to towards a square with Saturn.....which means "can't get no satisfaction" can become the theme song. Venus is in Gemini and Saturn in Virgo- the combo makes one dizzy with the choices and yet it ALL SEEMS WRONG. It's not. We are just on 'picky picky over-drive'. If you've got some house repairs to do that take a long slow approach, this is the energy to do it under.

Grabbing the power tools can help channel the energy- but please do be careful. Restlessness and unstable happenings are key when Uranus shows up- and She's a big part of the action. Just after Venus square Saturn (Mr. gloom) she moves on to square Uranus (MS. excitement). The trouble is: the square means you gotta WORK IT. In all directions- and not be attached to the outcome- because even though you followed the recipe to the tiniest detail- believe me - the cake isn't going to come out like you expected.........No SIR! Not this week!!!

Best advice: LAY LOW. BITE THE TONGUE. AND WAIT WAIT WAIT BEFORE SIGNING ANYTHING!!! NO matter how much you 'want it' ----- you don't have all the facts and its all going to shift in ways you never ever dreamed of.

We've got Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and PLUTO all retro right now. Its about going inside. Sitting with the discomfort and finding that it is actually pretty cool to move your head space beyond familiar air. There's a sudden cooling breeze. Inhale deep, stay calm.

Know thy self.........all of them.

Los Angeles: We are on Astro Earthquake alert! You know the drill- batteries, water, cold hard cash. Creditcards don't work when there's no electricity. Shoes by the door and a full tank of gas. This Solar Eclipse is @ the top of our city's chart- we've been in the headlines with MJ's passing (may he rest in peace, but still dance) and I believe more world hogging headlines to come from us.............Maybe Brad and Jolie will set a date to tie the knot (and not the one in her baby making uterus- more of those to come). The eclipse is sitting on Jolie's Venus and Brad's Vertex (fate) is right there........the stars brought those two stars together and we are going to be hearing (more) about their 'love'.

Other issues this eclipse will highlight- Water- Water- Water- whose got the water and is there a HOLE in the bucket? Women are going to fly to the top in Political circles and gain more power than anyone thought possible. Don't count Palin out, stranger things have happened. 2012 is just around the corner and the ambitious ones are planning now.

Get your umbrella (tears not rain) and lock down the emotions for this week. Mother Earth is going to let out a loud one- but will we hear or smell it?

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