Saturday, June 20, 2009


here comes the SUN!

Its that time of the year~ when we can play George Harrison's lovely voice singing
about the sun coming and its true! The Solstice is here and its exact moment of arrival is 10:46 pm PDT.

Make your intentions for the next three months known to all that will listen, but the most important audience member is your very own higher mind. That's where it all has to start in order to reach conclusion. Without the interaction of the super/over mind with the ego (lower mind) not much happens beyond dreaming. Not that dreaming is a bad way to pass the time, but in truth with so much in the earth element right now we want it make it 3D.

The Sun is not alone in its power in the Ingress chart (moment of entering a new sign @ zero). This Summer Solstice is markedly special because Venus and Mars are smack dab interlocked in a big fat kiss. In other words they are at the same degree in the same sign: 15 Taurus. Taurus likes things REAL and touching. Be it money (in the palm) or love (affections!) or the finer things in life like good (expensive) food and soft (as in silk or velvet)things to touch. Let's not forget that can include skin. Buy now with an eye to quality. View purchases as an "investment." ~ that is an investment in yourself- and how you present yourself to the world. Be willing to part with the cash in order to attract more to you.

If mundane matter don't matter much to you anymore (you have enough) then a good focus of this energy would be to give the gift of love to all that cross your path. No, I don't mean in THAT way, I mean in the higher sense of Universal love. Taurus is ruled by Venus and there are many expressions of love that we can share; music is one of her domains as well. This is an excellent time to bring joy and love to those nearest and dearest by sharing food and music together in a celebration of life here on planet earth. We need to celebrate now, because the Summer, alas, is going to be VERY EVENTFUL. I will translate that: The eclipses are coming and that means the cauldron is about to be boiling over!

Just around the corner are high flames. PREPARE NOW. (How?- keep reading). First a Lunar Eclipse (full moon) on July 7th. That one is @ 15 Capricorn so more on government and its role in our life will be hitting the news. By the end of this year THE GOVERNMENT is going to be challenged on every level by THE PEOPLE as soon as they awaken from the deep slumber they are still in. Obama's prince status will be subject to many an argument in the family. His grace period is just about to dissolve. No more myth making in the Whitehouse once Neptune (illusions) moves off of America's moon(the public). Following this LE is a Solar Eclipse(new moon) @ 29 degrees Cancer on the 21st of July. Being in the 'last' degree gives it extra punch- and food-domestic issues (homes)-security will become more important to us here in America,(since this eclipse happens in our sun sign) and what is happening 'away or aboard' less. And THEN another Lunar Eclipse on Aug 5th @ 14 Aquarius will close this round of change or be changed. If you are born 2 days (on either side) of these dates expect your world/personal views to radically change this year. Its time to change (aren't you SICK of that word?) and if you don't create the change from within it will be created FOR you from without. Examine where you don't want to look and you'll have an idea what area is going to be highlighted for you.

But today is the Solstice, so care not about the future and rally around those you love or want to love, and celebrate the arrival of the longest day of the year! While the Sun stands still, let us inhale his gift of warmth, and illumination of the heart. For in the end that is the magic the 'little people' really want to impart.

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