Wednesday, May 06, 2009


The Story of G and V

How about a lesson in random astrology? Meaning- can we find the story of G and V without really 'knowing' their story- but having just two separate dates.

I am always curious about what brings a couple together. The astrology of it. I am just as investigative about what was going on in the sky when they separate.
This 'story' can never been proven, but it might be fun and I have no doubt the astrology will show elements of a 'split' between the two parties.

I was watering my flowers when I noticed a pillow on my front lawn. People tend to leave me unwanted gifts. At first I just thought it was a pillow- but when I went to move it, I noticed that two engraved champagne glasses lay on the white pillow. Thinking I would just move them aside- closer to the sidewalk, until of course it dawn on me that before someone claimed their prize, they would likely break, and who do you think would be cleaning up the shattered glass? Yep. So I thought to take them inside and save them for when I might have a party. I don't drink, but fun glasses with a 'story' I will never pass up.

And so we are now about to begin the investigation of "G" and "V" ......... and what was going on the day they said "I do" compared to the moment one of them decided to say "I don't".

The date inscription on the glasses was 11-22-2003. ( I have set the chart for 12 noon since time is unknown).
I found them May 6th 2009 @ aprox 8:30 pm.
Let's compare these charts and see what lines up!

When G and V lifted these two glasses to toast a life together the SUN (male) was in the zero degree of Sag. When a planet first moves into a new sign - its on new unfamiliar ground. Sag is very celebration (live it up) oriented. So we know the mood of the groom was one of happiness- even as unsure of his new direction he might of felt inside.

The Moon will show us the bride. Its in Scorpio. Wowwowowow......kind of intense to get married under a Scorpio vibe. She was/is 'sexy' to be sure- and I have no doubt this was an adventurous union- filled to the brim with passion. Why am I so sure? Not just because of the Moon placement- even though that does tell the 'tone' of the day.

Its the line up of Juno-(astroid)Mercury- PLUTO- and VENUS. Most importand the last two planets in this stellium. When Pluto and Venus are hanging out together in the marriage chart its full steam ahead sort of partnership. "FATED FEELING" - the sort that drips of words like- "I knew when you walk in the room we would end up together". How could one know that before you utter a word? Because its a life lesson and its based on an intense physical attraction. So when we marry (until death do we part is very Pluto in this case!!) under a Pluto sway over Venus- its all or nothing. And you won't ever be bored. But- the downside is unless there is a channel for that intense energy (not just the bedroom) frustration can begin to build. And this we can clearly see by Mars square to that Pluto -Venus tie. It means I LOVE YOU--- ( or your body) but I can't get no satisfaction..........Venus and Mars in square as they are in this Wedding chart - is friction- that's needed to fuel attraction- but if its not got a good outlet- all hell can break loose. Promises won't do it- one has to deliver on the goods. If partners get into fights without solutions it can be a merry-go-round of Fighting- then passion make-ups with the problems never solved so at one point the relationship can just break down. Usually when one partner reaches a breaking point. Can we see which one did by looking at the chart of when the famed glasses of "G and V" were found?

Lets take a look-
So the time of finding the champagne glasses - is of course an imperfect chart- because we don't know if the parties involved actually HAD a fight- or what happened.........but what does the astrology show?

BINGO----- Today Uranus is square- the Venus- in the marriage chart! Almost to the exact degree. Uranus- is very much a 'stir the pot' kind of planet. If things are going well - it can be used in an inventive manner. If things between people are tense- Uranus can be the planet that pushes one to break off. The planets don't make things happen- people do- but they (the planets) can certainly lite a fire to make one take action! So- if G and V called up an astrologer asking advice- they would be warned of this year and the urge to 'break-off' could be mentioned. To keep cool heads and try to work a bit harder at the 'friendship' (Uranus rules friendships) part of the marriage. To use the energy finding new areas of interest that each can do alone- and /or together. To be inventors of a new kind of love with one another.

The other stand out in comparing the charts is ---- SATURN in the sky is triggering the Wedding chart Jupiter. This means one or both parties can feel that 'a wet blanket ' had been thrown on the 'fun' and 'freedom' of this partnership. My bet is that the Male part of the couple just had "enough". Mercury in the sky is in opposition to the Sun in the wedding chart- so the 'thought' of being 'free' and just getting on with it could of been a factor.

Well........we all know that mercury is about to go retrograde tomorrow- so perhaps "Mr. once I was a happy Groom"- will have second thoughts during the next three weeks.

Chiron (the wounded healer) is at 25 Aquarius right now. It is making a nice tie to the Venus in the marriage chart. It is possible that after a bit of time with pain of separation that our lost their way Lovers decide to make yet another effort at understanding what marriage is in general and what each one of them needs in this marriage to keep it alive and healthy. Chiron is very much connected to our spiritual growth and also to being a maverick. Jupiter also in Aquarius is @ 24. If not- both are saying- to Venus- "enough of this pain - give me peace or I want freedom!"

The SUN/MOON midpoint is also very important to look at for insight to coupledom. In the wedding chart - its @ 22 Scorpio. ( this is of course not exact as we have dirty data)........That point is being triggered both by transiting Chiron and Jupiter ( at 25 and 24 Aquarius) When the SUN/MOON mp is triggered changes happen in the partnership. Its a very sensitive point. Again- this is about growing in love or leaving love......coz its not loving that we are experiencing!

As Venus and Mars currently travel through the sign Aries- lots of tempers get flared up- and people look for the exit. Lets send a wave of hope and love to "G and V" whoever they may be, that they give love another chance and come looking for those champagne glasses, to fill them and toast once again to a life looking down the path in the same direction.

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