Monday, April 06, 2009


harvesting love

I think there is more to say on Venus's current journey. We need more love in the world. More love in the heart blasting out to all that will receive it and even those that can't.

No one is more aware of how difficult it is to stay in the heart chakra than this author. I also am very aware of what happens when I drift from it. So clear it is the stream that nourishes and the hot headed responses to life that don't.

Currently Venus in Aries (still retrograde) encourages (and IN COURAGE) us to explore what love is. What we wish it to be, and how to stay in it. New thoughts (definitions) of love can be planted to be harvested when Venus turns direct.

Some important dates to mark on the calendar and in the heart:

April 11th- Venus ingresses back into Pisces- @ 29 degrees. THIS is a very sensitive degree- full of what one can give- Christ energy in a way. How much do you love and what are you willing to give up so that the beloved can feel- and know your love? How can you serve? What needs to be let go?

April 17th- Venus turns direct---- turn the corner!

April 24th - MOST power packed day.....Venus ingresses yet again---back into the Aries zero position- and on a NEW MOON in Taurus day!! Its a double whammy of a new door opening- a new start- or even a new relationship that FINALLY takes flight- in real love. Much excitement and planning.......... its harvest time!

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