Thursday, December 25, 2008


digging the dig/EARTH CENTER

Get your shovels........its not for the snow......its for the inner world that has no tangible three dimensional existence, yet is your very breath.

So you've open your gifts that were under the tree, but did you in fact discover the most marvelous gift given to you- one that you've had all along. Just like Dorothy's magic slippers, it will take you home: to the center of the self. The CENTER. Its @ the core of what choices you make in this life.

There is a New Moon on Dec 27th @ 4:22am (PST). And its potential is hidden, so you have to dig deep. Like the coal miner- wear the light that's on your head to guide you. This way you have the best chance to discover the treasure- that is deep within the darkness.

This new moon has Mars, Pluto, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Juno, and Jupiter all lined up in Capricorn. Starting at "0" (critical- birthing moment) to "27" degrees...........The Sun and Moon are @ 6 degrees. The land is blanketed with serious hues. Capricorn is known for its tenacity and ambition. Mars in Capricorn is at great strength. There will be no backing down from any goals set at this time. Pick wisely. Have faith in self. Communicate with integrity. WORK IT. MARRY IT. REAP THE HARVEST- (in due time- and w/ Capricorn it could be a while)........... Its a bit like a long long pilgrimage which you have no idea when you will return from because you only have a one way ticket. The only thing you are sure of- @ one point in the journey you become a MAN or a WOMAN. AN AUTHORITY.

Character building is a life time thing. Yet each step of the way we build muscles. Internal muscles. Capricorn rules the bones, teeth, joints, and all things old. Very very very old. Ancient. Discovering the tomb of the prehistoric self takes grit.

WHAT are you made of? You are about to find that out.

Venus and Neptune also are making out in this new moon chart. They have locked lips, and want humanity to follow. So if you find yourself suddenly in love- best to have a blue print of what you wish to achieve with the soul-mate. Movies have happy endings- this chart has 'let's save the world and while we are at it build an empire' signature. Its an epic film. You decide the ending.

Dissolve into love and pour it on others like cement. Now that's a foundation we can stand on.

*photo credit: Sheridan Sullivan c.2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008




The Sun entered 0 Capricorn @ 4:04 am PST.

So let us welcome the light into our hearts and homes.

This Ingress of the Sun into Capricorn is a very powerful one as Pluto is right next to it. Pluto is one serious dude, so expect that same kind of vibe to last all week. Go deep inside for the best use of this energy- follow that fellow who is letting the 'light' bath his skull.

To view the special place on earth that the above photo was taken go here:

Photograph Credit
Solstice at Newgrange : © Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


war of the words


There's a full moon on the 12th. Its in Gemini. The sign that likes to think and talk- hopefully in that order. This week that full moon will ignite an issue that you thought was laid to rest. You have another chance to thrash around ideas and pitch them to the world or to the 'other' in your life. Pinpoint what you wish to say before you pen it.

This chatty energy will stir the international pot. America will get fired-up and start mouthing off- pretty much guaranteed, as Luna will be sitting EXACTLY on America's Mars. So the dialogue might get hot, but not in a fun way. Treaties can be torn apart and thrown to the wind or lit on fire.
"She started it first" kind of thing.

Try to channel the fuel through a good workout- or start on that Novel you've been thinking about. The moon in Gemini is great for storytellers. As the headlines will likely show us this coming weekend.

Newspapers/publishers going belly-up will also be in the news. Whatever you do, be sure to read the fine print of any contact or important paper you might sign.

Don't fret, help is on the way. I just can't tell you exactly when it will show up. Depends on the level of faith you have. So light some candles and reach out to whoever is divine to/for you. Make sure the words are deeper in meaning than in sound.

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