Wednesday, August 13, 2008


home grown; do the best you can

Today Venus and Saturn lock hands @ 9 degrees Virgo. Miss prim meets up with stable serious mr. perfect.

Someone recently wrote me some words of wisdom that truly are worth tacking up on the freg:

"don't look for mr. perfect, look for mr. right". ~ sage nanci

Its not that Saturn in Virgo IS perfect- anymore than Venus in Virgo is- but Virgo always strives for that. Because the sign of Virgo is all about improvement- the planet that Virgo drapes itself around will be infiltrated with this need. Used in a good way its constructive criticism. Used badly its non-stop nagging.

Venus- the arts, love, money. Saturn is all about 'structure' and making a commitment that will LAST- if it isn't built to LAST its not considered perfect. If the seed doesn't bring forth fruit, it means some steps were performed incorrectly. Alas- we humans are IMPERFECT. We are flawed beyond belief. We've proven this over and over- on a day to day basis.

What to do? How to make comfort when these two planets decide to hang out in that 'work harder 'sign? Why does 'love' have to be so hard ?

Love the imperfections I say - * (that's another piece of sage wisdom given to me by the guru)........ but even as you try to warm up to the faulty and flawed - allow that we can always do our best. Maybe our role in the big drama is to drop our lines on stage in front of a pack house. Maybe when we do that our fellow actor can whip out his/her improv skills and save the day. If we'd not blown it- how could there be room for a hero?

Venus in Virgo is modest. Saturn in Virgo is very aware of social protocol as well. When they get together in the drawing room, a very firm marriage happens. Over tea. And simple tiny cucumber sandwiches. There's a fancy name for that. In all this virgoness- it has escaped me. I guess I should work harder to find it out, then I would please all the Virgo energy hanging out in the sky right now. But I am too lazy. And that just put me on the Virgo 'to fix' list.

Looking for the 'perfect' marriage right now? Arranged marriage should thrive under this link up. But the lists of what is needed will be very long. And detailed. VERY DETAILED. All that lace work your Auntie Mae has spent a life time learning will catch a high price. Skilled in woodcarving? Set your wares out. Looking to learn how to grow your own food ( because the mainstream food industry has dropped perfection as a goal and now we just hope not to get sick) bring out the plan now- get the shovel and seeds and line up your rows of greens.

Virgo is Earth- it seeks the material. When the belly is full and the roof over the head then one can wonder if Divine is really watching the show, shaking his/her finger at us.

Right now we have four planets in Virgo and Jupiter in Capricorn- With the Sun joining the earth party in a little over a week from now- That's much grounded energy. That's 'show me the goods' energy. Climb the mountain, make solid agreements. Stick to them, no matter how much they demand of you. There will be a pay off. As long as you stay humble in your efforts you'll do well.

I feel for all those in the 'go for the gold' games right now. Many will lose the aim of the goal, uuuuuur ........ I mean GOLD. But some will and do understand the point of all this Virgo energy- doing the best you can.

Service is another area that the sixth sign urges us to become familiar with. So be a mentor, help the elderly neighbor, call a cousin, make a meal for friends, be useful. And don't complain. That alone is one great service we can each give one another. So your partner left their undies on the floor yet again- just see it as a bit of service given to your perfectly imperfect mate, and pick them up.

I know none of this seems like much fun, but have you ever had the joy of working really hard at something and felt pride in a job done well? That's the reward. We each have some floors to scrub.

Spic and Span is calling.

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