Monday, June 23, 2008


kitty travel

There are many journeys we take during one life time. But the biggest is the last. And it can be a drawn out one, or one that is made in a flash- impulsive travel- as long as one has the required visa and passport it can even be to a far far away land, which we don't return from.
On Friday the 13th, as my bad luck would have it ( it is considered a lucky day in some cultures) my beloved baby princess (name with held to protect her from Identity theft) gave the warning signs of taking a journey that she might not return from. That very same day the slowest moving planet, pluto moved BACK into sag. It will hang out in the long distant travel sign until the end of Nov. And won't return there- again until ALL of us have taken that journey into the forever sleep.
So - until Nov. we might all spend a little time planning what we wish to do while we are still on planet chaos. Finish that book? (reading or writing) take that study course? Explore what astral plane nine means to us? Get in shape? Learn another language? All of these areas rule over Sag energy. And while its scraping the bottom of the bucket in pluto- don't do things half way - do them with FIVE HUNDRED percent- coz that's what pluto in sag asks and offers you- the chance to explore like never before. And that even means digging deep into our beliefs of what dying means. What dies when we leave the body, fur, etc? Any time we take a trip we come back with a new perspective- the final trip is a forever new perspective!
On June 26th @ 5:01 pm Uranus stations retrograde- for several months. Its an unstable time- those days before and right after a planet shifts gears. I try to just 'watch' and not act until the dust settles when planets are changing their view. The reason being- I know that if I act too soon, I might not have all the info I need to make the correct choice for myself- or even for others (princess) that I am responsible for. We will likely have a shaker here in souther cal- sooner than later. much sooner. Get prepared. You know the drill: WATER- CAN FOOD- ENOUGH GAS in the very expensive tank- shoes by the door- flashlight- batteries- Cash on hand. PLAN NOW!
If you have planets @ the degree of 23 Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, or Sag- your about to get a 'it came from left field' event. Don't assume this is bad. Just remind yourself of all the changes that came that then made your life a marvelous thing, after the shock wore off. Use this time to get in touch with friends that you might of been 'meaning' to call. Call. reunite. Live for the now- coz baby that's all we got- kitty travel time is coming.

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