Friday, March 28, 2008


make a wish

Today's lovely Venus is holding hands with sudden infatuation Uranus. Romantics beware! To add even more sweetness, Jupiter (luck) is making super nice with Uranus as well. Its a love fest!

Enjoy and make a wish.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


BO-the scent of war

A reader wrote in and asked:

Parker,While Hillary won the primary [51%/47%], the caucus goes to Obama 56%/43% ... so Obama wins the lone star state. I think it's gonna be Obama v. McCain. How do their charts compare?JSobie

Well, first to address this question we have to start at the beginning. And in astrology that means the 'moment' something is launched. That creates a chart showing the promise of whatever enterprise has cast. Its one of the primary reasons astrologers are hired- to pick the 'most auspicious moment to begin a "thing"- be it a business, a marriage, a book promotional or even to set off a presidential campaign.

This said- let it be clear- Obama most certainly did not seek the advice of an astrologer when he first spoke these words-

"And that is why, in the shadow of the Old State Capitol, where Lincoln once called on a divided house to stand together, where common hopes and common dreams still, I stand before you today to announce my candidacy for President of the United States."

The moment he announced his intention to run for president is a very telling one. It was on Feb 10.2007 @ 10:13 am in Springfield, Ill.


This isn't a good omen. It isn't an omen of success. Its classic meaning in astrology is: "Nothing will come of it."

No one in astrology EVER advises to start anything you wish to have success with during a void of course moon, except filing your tax return. Read your local astro column every 2nd week in April and it will be loaded with all the VOC times that you can drop your return in the mail- to assure you don't get a call from the IRS.

Is that the only reason I don't think Obama will win? No- there are so many others- based on the astrology, but also based on his lack of 'teeth'.
He laces his speeches with words like: hope, change. But right now in America we are faced with such huge problems that are going to become even more evident as Summer comes closer that the diabetic coma that America has fallen into is going to snap awake. And so is Obama.

The man who inspires ( and he inspires me too! I am not immune to the poetry). was born on Aug 4th 1961 @ 1:06 pm in Honolulu, Hawaii. He's a Leo- and he loves to shine- like all Leos. He also has the gift of words- as he has the moon in Gemini. And that moon in Gemini is in the 7th house of partnerships- and OPEN ENEMIES. They too, are keeping track of his words.

Come May or even as soon as late April his Moon is going to be squared by Saturn. That means the "machine of the fighting team" is going to kick in. (Both Hillary and McCain). He will have his first REAL test then. Everything up to now has been baby stuff.

We will then see some real war. We haven't seen anything yet. The entire battle for the Whitehouse is going to be a tit-for-tat like you'd never dreamed of. As it should be. Anyone who can't hang during this primary season isn't fit to be King, or QUEEN. The weak need not apply. This is a job that only a crazy person would apply for. We are so deep in mud that its going to take much HARD work to pull us up. Leos by tradition like to be King, and they love attention and power-it feeds their souls, but they aren't so keen on hard work unless the chart shows something else supporting that.

Obama is a worker though- as he has his planet of Mars in the sign of "Virgo" - so the details matter and he's into words. He takes notes. But can he stare you in the eye? In the sky Saturn is going to sit on his Mars right around Aug. when the Democrats pick their 'fighter'..........and McCain's good for several rounds so they better pick who knows the 'ropes' so to speak.

There are so many other reasons why I don't see Obama getting the big prize (right now- in four years-YES!) - here a few more:

1. The election day chart shows whoever wins will have 'experience'- as the chart starts the day with a Capricorn moon. That shows the country's mood. - It so happens that McCain holds a Capricorn Moon in his birth chart. Many in the country WILL vote for him. Capricorn Moon is all about security. Come November Security is going to be on every one's mind.

2. The Lunar Eclipse on the 16th of Aug. ( on Madonna's bday- yes her marriage is in trouble it true) right before the delegates meet, falls in Obama's 4th/10th house- The Sun is conjunct his Uranus- a sudden change will occur that places everything in a 'different' light. And it may be that for sake of WINNING- he agrees to partner with Clinton. I hope so -in whatever order- as it will take them BOTH to beat McCain. And since Uranus has been part of the picture of why he has 'risen' so fast- it can also be part of the picture of a 'sudden fall'........ what goes up too fast comes down just as fast.

3. Transiting Uranus is exactly opposite his Natal Mars on election day. It means - there is a balancing act going on- and its a tough one. Like the guy who walks the tightrope over the grand canyon. Risky. Thrilling. Maybe not what you expected. Its going to be a roller coaster ride- they may call the election too soon again. Thou give- thou take away. Its a hard call.

4. Against McCain - without Hillary he can't win. And I will go into McCain's chart in the next blog. Because mainly- Obama hasn't "WON" in any big Democrat states on his own except for Illinois, and just now you tell me he took Texas.

He won by 5, not a huge sweep in my eyes. Texas is fickle. They like their 'macho' men in any shape or form.

In our form of 'democracy' the electoral college decides who sits in the oval office. Obama has carried lots of tiny states-and two big ones- and put all together they are nice- but can they add up to the magical number of 271- and that's the number every one's going to be looking for on Nov. 4th.

So I am looking at numbers, just different ones than you. I am looking at the same numbers that the Dems are looking at. The party's job is to nominate the person who can WIN. And that's where super delegates do matter- that's their job. Pick a winner. The American people don't always come into the equation. Ask Gore.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Hillary ISN'T a Quitter-She's a Scorpio

Never under estimate the power and will of a Scorpio. (this is why she'll make a GREAT president- she has much steam). Scorpios have many lives, as Senator Clinton has just proven by taking TEXAS and OHIO. Which I for one never ever doubted that she would. Why? Because she has taken every single big Dem state- so far- but of course the press was sending OP-Eds about how her light was dimming- and she should throw in the towel- and how Calif. New Jersey and New York didn't really matter. Her chart is stronger than Obama's - and hard aspects- don't make you lose- they make you work harder.

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