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ok- for those of you in the know.............. how astrology works............ for those of you who still doubt.............

Today.......Nov 15th 2007, just a few mins. after midnight, our warrior planet, MARS went retrograde. It will be back peddling until Jan. 30th. That also happens to be VP Cheney's I DO expect that the Impeachment possibilities are going to be reviewed. Maybe Cheney will decide on a new life in 2008.

But what I really want to speak on is how the news very often will mirror the action in the sky in a high profile story.

Today there was a front page story on a fighter plane that was discovered in July - buried in the waters / sand in Wales. The American P-38 fighter plane has been there for 65 years! The discovery has been kept a secret until here's the astro math:

Mars: rules the military

Cancer: the sign its currently traveling in- is a water sign- and also is the USA's sun sign.

Retrograde: the term used when a planet appears to go backwards from the view of the earth- and represents - the past- or looking back and within.

I think an American fighter plane found on the beach from 1942 qualifies as an *ASTRO BINGO*

What else might we discover during this retrograde period?

Well, I think we will see some of our troops come home. A small token of the holiday spirit maybe. Maybe bush will go soft around Christmas and decide that progress has been made and we can bring a thousand or two lucky ones out of the Hellhole they are in.

Expect this holiday season to be much emotional work. Inner work. A vortex of energy around that dinner table. What the parents did or didn't do for you will be on the mind, doesn't matter if they've been gone and buried for as long as that fighter plane; like an actor who taps into the 'feelings' you can be in the 'moment' of the past- with a simple scent of a certain food.

Since Mars represents how we handle our energy it is prime time to take a long look at the inside of our soul. ............ Whatever you need to do to get in touccccccccccccccchhhhhh with how you feel is the plan. What are tear ducts for? Giving a passage way to the waterfall- LET IT FLOW!

Discover why Blanche DuBois loved hot baths, heck read "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" while soaking until you look like a prune.

Acquaint yourself with American Classic literature. That would be a great use of this retrograde Mars in Cancer transit. Support your local Library-- READ.

What makes you Angry? That's Mars too- How do you handle that passion turned outrage? This is the most important thing to grab a handle on for the next 2 months. Your lessons may come in the costume of a two year old who's favor word is "NO"...........or an aging parent who refuses to eat.
No matter who the teacher is, just recall that good ole childhood song:

"Row, row, row your boat,Gently down the stream.Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,Life is but a dream."

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